The Ultimate Burgundy Wedding Tie

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If you're looking for the perfect burgundy wedding tie to pair with your expertly tailored suit, relax, you found it. The rich burgundy colour with the exquisite three dimensional Grenadine weave gives this tie a luxurious visual detail. Pair it effortlessly with a navy blue, grey suit or any colour in-between on your special day. 

If you're new to Grenadine, read more about them here. It's really the best kept secret in neckwear - you're gonna love it.

Look Sharp

We recommend the Four-In-Hand Knot - it's our go-to knot. It's simple, asymmetrical and perfect for all collars. Try it and do it with a dimple.

No doubt you already have impeccable style but if you're looking to step up your tie game check out our 5 Tie Tips. Follow our guide so you're guaranteed to look sharp in any room.

You can also download the guide for quick reference. Download it here.

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Burgundy Grenadine Tie

Richly coloured and daring in nature, our Burgundy Grenadine Tie is the perfect pairing with a blue suit and a white shirt. Each Grenadine Tie is handmade by artisans in Como, Italy from 100% silk. We use a wool interlining in our ties so you can achieve unparalleled drape and excellent knots. This intricate weave design is called Grenadine. 

Grenadine Ties are a staple of any discerning man’s wardrobe. With their refined texture and understated colours, these ties possess an elegant simplicity and versatility which make them a choice complement to any number of shirts and suits.

  • Solid
  • Grenadine Fina
  • Jacquard
  • 100% Silk from Como, Italy
  • Dry Clean
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Woven by Fermo Fossati/Seterie Bianchi
  • 28MM Silk
  • 14MM Silk Tipping
  • Wool Interlining
  • Ideal Width
    The epitome of the “goldilocks principle”.
  • 100% Como Silk
    The softest natural fabric, straight from Italy.
  • Wool Interlining
    Perfect knots. Wrinkle-free ties. Everyday.
  • Slip-Stitch
    Thread running the full length of the tie so it looks perfect every time.
  • Bar Tack
    A heavy handmade stitch that reinforces the slip stitch, so your tie looks great day-in, day-out.
  • Self-Loop Keeper
    Handstitched, and made with the same high-quality fabric as the tie.
Burgundy Grenadine Tie, $80

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If you can't find what you're looking for in our collection or need more ties than we have in stock, let us know. We offer additional discounts for large wedding parties.

Get in touch with us using the form below or call 1 800 595 0276 and speak to Chantelle. We're eager to be a part of your big day.

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