Modernizing Style Inspirations from the Past

Ever notice how certain styles or pieces tend to make their way through the fashion cycle? As we’ve welcomed back desert boots and pocket squares into our lives, pieces such as these have received modern upgrades. Style icons of the past were icons for a reason. They had a look about them that was timeless and could be easily replicated.

For example, a suit worn in the past by Sir Michael Caine could be modernized for today with a more tailored cut and a navy colour rather than black or brown. Simple updates to older styles, such as fitting adjustments or colour updates, are ways to channel style icons of the past. It’s a way of getting inspiration but still injecting a bit of your personal style as well. Fit is a very key component to reviving past looks. Present-day outfits are all about how well something fits. Taking older suit styles but tailoring them to fit you well creates an entirely new look of the suit itself. When things fit well on your body type, not only does the structure change, but so does the overall effect. The suit will look completely brand new—and that’s one effective way to infuse a vintage piece with a modern touch.

Through using styles from the past to influence your own, you can get quite creative with your outfits. Even taking accessories from your father or grandfather to fuse into your own outfit gives that piece a bit of a refresher. For example, using grandpa’s old cufflinks to give your suit a bit of flair for a wedding shows the versatility of timeless pieces are. Sometimes styles and accessories make their way back around the fashion cycle for a reason. They have successfully withstood the test of time, only receiving a bit of a nip and tuck in certain areas to make them more contemporary.

James Dean: Rebel Without a Cause, 1955 Kobal Collection
However, some looks are better left the way they are. The white tee, jeans, and a leather jacket combo will forever remain a classic look. The only appropriate updates to this look might be the cut of the shirt—crewneck or v-neck. The overall effect would stay the same. Channeling your inner James Dean with these key pieces allows for effortless style. You don’t even need to think about this combination because it’s proven to work so well time and time again.

The key to truly and effectively embracing styles from the past and infusing them with more contemporary pieces is to pick accessories or items that have withstood the test of time and ones that are tailored to fit your body type. From there, you can build up an outfit that reboots looks from the past.

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