Style Notes: Spread Collar

Learn about the enduring modernity of the Spread Collar and its flexibility as a style essential for both work and play.

The Spread collar is considered the collar choice for the Modern Man. Conceived almost exclusively in the twentieth century, it reflects the taste of a man who looks forward rather than to the past for inspiration. The Spread collar refers to the distance between the collar points, which in this case is wider than normal. The effect reveals more of the shirt, leaving more room for a substantial tie. A great match with a Windsor knot, which can easily overburden a shirt with less room between points, the spread lends the wearer confidence and power. The spread is the perfect choice for the kind of man who owns the room and wants everyone to know it.

Borelli Spread Collar Dress Shirt

The Spread collar and it’s variations (semi-spread and Italian) are particularly flattering to men with narrow faces. The width between the points balances out angular features, that widens rather than diminishes your presence. Perfect for business, a well-ironed spread collar matched with a colourful shirt adds pop to any office uniform. A preferred collar choice in banking and law offices, the spread suggests the authority of a capable worker. Whether you’re rolling high on wall street or presenting a case, the spread will help you look the part of a seasoned professional.

From a hard day at the office to a hard night of partying, the spread is also the collar that is best suited for the bow tie and is often the collar of choice when dressing a tuxedo (for a classic look, how about Aklasu’s Black Satin Bow Tie?). Whether working hard or playing hard, it should be no surprise that this is the collar of choice for both James Bond and Don Draper. The spread has an implied elegance and a strong masculine edge. The more diminutive nature of this collar similarly makes it suitable if you want to go tie-less, especially if you have the inclination and the build to let a little chest hair peek out: It’s the look that made women go wild for Daniel Craig in Casino Royale. We recommend in this case dressing up your jacket with a pocket square, something that makes a statement like our Contrast-Edge Silk-Twill Pocket Square.

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