5 of the Smartest Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Whisky Stones

The makers at the Oban Whisky Distillery are clear: a single drop of water with your whisky and no more. A drop will act to break the surface tension of your malt, allowing the woody aromas to curl up from the glass and make that first sip all the more delightful. This raises a rather difficult conundrum, as chilling your whisky with ice cubes is a big no-no for a true connoisseur. The fridge is out too — cooling the glass bottle will bring the temperature of the alcohol down too far, hindering the deeper flavours. Whether your father enjoys a Highland, Lowland, Speyside, or an Islay, give him the gift of a better drinking experience this Father’s Day with an ingenious set of whisky stones. Made of solid soapstone, non-porous, odourless and flavourless, whisky stones can be chilled in the fridge before being placed in his dram. An ideal taste every time, no matter his preferred malt. The stones can be found in high-shine metallics, natural marble, cubes, decahedrons, spheres, and many other forms. Aklasu recommends a bottle of Oban 18 to complete the gift.

Whisky Stones

Teroforma Whisky Stones

Record Player

If you don’t believe it, Aklasu bets your father does — music really does sound better on vinyl. The complicated physics of a turntable are truly astounding, with a thinner-than-a-pin needle carefully tracing its way through minute grooves on a record’s surface to produce a sound unlike any MP3 player we’ve ever heard. Warmth, depth and rhythm never to be found amongst the static of a highly compressed audio file will fill any room to the rafters. If your father doesn’t have one in his study, or even hiding in the corner of the attic, you’ve found the perfect Father’s Day gift. Choose an automatic model if he’s a plug and play kind of guy, which will raise the needle at the flick of one switch. If he's more of a tinkerer, look for a manual or semi-automatic version so he can connect with the finer points of audiophilia. Find an S/N (signal/noise) ratio of above 60dB for a clean, pure sound.

VERSALEX Record Player

Well Tempered Lab:VERSALEX

Personalised Stationery

Aklasu believes you can tell a lot about a man from their chosen form of communication. If plain white paper is the layman’s choice in the world of correspondence, those of more refined taste will always have a set of headed paper and matching embossed envelopes on hand. Most decent stationers will offer personalisation services allowing you to create a bespoke set of desk ware, including initialled fountain pens and pencil sets. The choices are wide: serif and sans serif lettering styles, bevelled edges, bordering, colour edging, fine-milled paper, and envelope linings, all in a selection of smart colours. You might choose a motif or icon, a family crest or seal, or a simple piece of stylish typography. Whatever you pick, this will be a uniquely individual gift of utter refinement. Give your father the gift of customised correspondence this Father’s Day, and we’re sure you’ll get a beautiful thank-you note.

Book Notebooks

Book Notebooks


You know that good dressing never stops with a well-made shirt. Complete your father’s look by gifting any accessories he might be lacking, be it a pair of cufflinks, a pocket square, a pair of sunglasses, or, indeed, a tie. Think about his day-to-day dressing in your selection. Does he prefer strong prints, a splash of colour, or a dependable neutral? Who are his style icons? Might he like a smart accessory for a special event coming up, like an anniversary or a work-related dinner? An older gentleman will always find a way to work a wider, silk tie into his outfits, or might appreciate something a little different in garza weave to emphasise his sartorial flair. Whatever you choose, don’t compromise on quality — father knows best when it comes to made-to-last fabrics and durability.

Black Floral Six-Fold Silk Tie

Black Floral Six-Fold Silk Tie

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