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Myth Buster: Bolder is Better

No polka dots or neon colours? No candy canes or rainbow stripes? No, you won’t find them at Aklasu. Today, we’re tackling some of the biggest tie myths in the business and revealing the concepts behind our curation, helping you to make the right kind of lasting impression.

Myth 10

A bright tie will add much-needed highlight to my outfit.

We strongly believe that a tie should highlight the wearer and not the outfit. Think of your accessories as complements to you and your style, not the carriers of it; a tie adds a delicate flavour to a gentleman’s image, not a flashing neon sign. Subtlety and elegance are the key to best utilising an accessory in the service of your look, and a bright, brashy tie won’t help.

Myth 10

Jerry Garcia did it, and he’s still cool — right?

Whilst we admire Mr Garcia, the fashion of the Haight Ashbury is not one seen in the bars and boardrooms of today. Although the trend for bold ties seems to rise in different forms even in this decade, such psychedelic-inspired Merry Prankster styles look most at home over a ripped tie-dye t-shirt, not at cocktail hour. Point (3) follows this line of thinking.

Myth 10

Bright ties go with the hipster look, and that’s in fashion right now.

Our icons of style have one thing in common: none of these men were slaves to the fashion industry, instead forging their own sense of timeless polish and poise. Even if a bright tie might seem to fit with the fashion of the moment, it will be useless to you in mere months — maybe even weeks. A truly stylish gentleman is aware of changing fashions but doesn’t alter himself to fit them. He rises above, valuing timeless taste over mere trends. Photographs have a tendency to endure: we promise you’ll thank us later.

Myth 10

It’s for a special occasion! I want to showcase my fun side with a bold outfit choice.

The ‘stand out’ mentality usually results in an awkward case of being memorable for the wrong reasons. Instead of leaving your audience with the impression of a stylish, put-together gentlemen, all too often you will be remembered as ‘the man in the awful tie’. During our years in the game, we’ve seen everything from snakeskin to wood effect, rabbit fur to beaver tail, metallic to ceramic, and even a scarecrow-style burlap sack bow tie. We don’t remember the men who wore them. We just remember how much they stood out, in a totally garish manner.

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