Should I Self-Tie? A Quick Guide to Bow Tie Style


Whether you’re ushering at your best friend’s wedding, running an important project, or spending the day in the city, your neck piece doesn’t have to cause controversy. Too many men believe the largest piece, loudest pattern, or combination of the two will draw the most attention to their outfit and receive the most compliments. They’re half right: a big, bold bow tie may draw a viewer’s eye, but for all the wrong reasons.

Before the choice of colour or pattern comes a different quandary. Pre-tied, clip-on, or self-tie? The truth in any circles of style is simple: pre-tied or clip-on is considered a faux pas. The wearer is signalling his lack of care, lack of time spent on his appearance, and simply his inability to deal with a ‘proper’ tie. A self-tie signals class, attention to detail, skill, and an eye for style. Further, a self-tie bow tie is fitted exactly to the user’s dimensions, so is always the most comfortable choice.


If self-tie is the only choice, how does the discerning gentleman navigate shape? The ‘thistle’ type - a bulge in the fabric followed by a fluted end - will give you a butterfly finish, too often associated with the circus or seen atop a ruffled prom shirt. A batwing end instead offers a slim, understated finish, the semi-formal vibe giving flexibility in application. Due to its classic elegance and dapper style, the batwing isn’t a slave to the tide of fashion: the minimal, modern cut always looks just as at-home in a cocktail bar, a business meeting, or at a formal function. We believe the batwing is a true piece of masculine style that will never lead you wrong.

Construction is key. For superior function, choose a bow-tie that adheres to the ‘less is more’ mantra. Self-ties finished with chunky buttons or leaving excess fabric to hang will spoil the overall appearance, causing something sleek to look messy and poorly balanced. Aklasu’s Rakish Collection uses a die-cast slide adjuster, keeping the bow tie’s structure strong and svelte for gentlemen who need to modify their tie for perfect fit. We’ve kept the slide adjuster neat and robust, using nickel plating and die-cast production for a smooth, singular piece.

Our curated collection of bow ties all feature slide adjusters, as well as a batwing cut in beautiful Italian silk. The core range of carefully selected shades and patterns are designed to complement outfits without overpowering, so you have one less conundrum to deal with before you leave the house. You can read more about our style motives and eye for design here.