Style Notes: The Club Collar

The Club Collar or Eton Collar originated at Eton College in the nineteenth century. Through the years, its exclusivity has waned but still a popular choice amongst sartorialists.

Nineteenth-century men were set apart by their stylish clothing and accessories that infused their look with an aura of distinguished refinement. The Club Collar or Eton Collar was integral to this dashing appeal. Over the years, the club collar has become synonymous with elegance.

The club collar had its inception at Eton College, the elite English institution known for its rich tradition and attended by royalty, the nobility, and the merchant class alike. To distinguish themselves, Etonians invented a whole new look.

Oliver Spencer Eton Collar Shirt

They could have experimented with colours, patterns or fabrics, but the style statement they wanted to create had to be dripping with exclusivity yet symbolise a perfect gentleman. The ultimate style they created was dubbed the 'club collar'.

It became all the rage in the early 1900s, not just because of its graceful style but also because of its practical design that made it convenient with a collar pin. Over the years, the club collar has lost its exclusivity and perhaps its popularity, but it is still an essential for sartorially conscious men.

Charles Dance, Courtesy of The Rake

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