Ultimate 5 Essentials You Need to Look Amazing

Whether you're just starting your career or going through a revamp, there are some essentials your wardrobe needs. These tips will help you close any gaps and get the most out of what you have and look amazing with very little effort.

1. Brown Dress Shoes
All great things start with a solid foundation or footing. Invest in good quality brown oxford shoes. It'll be perfect for Monday to Fridays and can be easily dressed down for evenings and weekends.

 2. Dark Blue Denim & Dress Pants
Need I explain? These two items will give you the greatest versatility on casual and formal days.

3. White Dress Shirts
You can't go wrong with a white shirt it's the cornerstone of all business attire. Keep it simple: spread collar, no contrasting fabric, or 'designer' details.

4. Patterned/Textured Grey or Blue Blazer
The perfect blazer will extend your wardrobe by miles. Pick one that pairs well with your jeans, dress pants and chinos. Your pick can be either patterned or textured- your goal is to create a strong enough contrast to your trousers or jeans.

5. Solid Coloured Ties
Start with Navy Blue. From a versatility perspective, you can not go wrong with a grenadine tie. Its texture is exquisite. If you're in the market for a timeless tie, check out our Prestige Collection.


There you have it, five foundational pieces for your business wardrobe. From here, you'll be well on your way to building your timeless style.