Build Out Your Wardrobe: Spring Jackets
Man with a beard wearing a rugged lightweight quilted jacket. The caption says "Effortless Cool (and Polish) But warmth when you need it.
Photo Credit: Taylor Stitch

Flowers blooming, birds chirping, freezing in the morning but downright balmy in the afternoon. Yep, spring and its wild weather have arrived. With the weather all over the place, having a lightweight jacket you can layer in the morning but enjoy on its own in the afternoon is essential.

Here are spring jackets that add polish to your wardrobe:

Man wearing a navy blue Harrington jacket.
Photo Credit: Baracuta

Ooh, Baracuta, Oh Yeah

Dress it up or dress it down. The Baracuta (or Harrington) jacket is the versatile spring jacket every modern gentleman should have in their closet. Check out the fitted cuffs and classic collar in Baracuta's G9 Gabardine Pocket and imagine wearing it with khakis and leather sneakers for a day around the city.

Man wearing a brown turlteneck underneath a chocolate brown leather bomber jacket.
Photo Credit: Andrew Marc

The Timeless Bomber

The rugged bomber looks terrific in leather for a more casual (but nevertheless timeless) spring jacket. You want it to fit slim and snug, but you also want some space to layer a sweater underneath for chilly spring mornings. Take a gander at Andrew Marc's Macneil Leather Bomber for an exciting piece of outerwear that turns some heads.

Man in a navy blue Ojai jacket with a camera around his neck.
Photo Credit: Taylor Stitch

French Workwear for the Weekend

You don't need tough physical work to wear a French workwear jacket. Roomy pockets and rugged material make it a practical piece for whiskey tasting with the guys or chasing the kids at the playground. Check out Taylor Stitch's Ojai Jacket with its navy ring-back buttons and double-needle stitching if you want to add a stylish, lightweight jacket to your arsenal.

Which lightweight jackets would you suggest for the Aklasu community?

Man showcases the colours and texture of a navy blue and grey striped mustard yellow tie.

Essentials that add refinement to your spring wardrobe.

Blue Diamond Dotted Six-Fold Silk Tie
Blue Diamond Dotted Six-Fold Silk Tie
Grey and Black Chevron Dress Socks
Grey and Black Chevron Dress Socks
Navy Blue and Grey Striped Mustard Yellow Tie
Navy Blue and Grey Striped Mustard Yellow Tie
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