Polished Pairings ✨
A pile of ties with a dress shirt underneath. The caption says "Decisions, decisions, decisions..." and "Cut one down and refine it."

Does this shirt go with this tie? Take this question off your plate right now. You have enough decisions to make today.

Refinement is about distilling your world full of choices to the vital few. Walk into every meeting room, banquet hall, and Michelin-star restaurant feeling confident in your choices.

Always look back on your photos fondly by following these tips from our Tie Pairing Guide.

A man ties a dark grenadine tie. The caption reads, "Pairing Guide."

Get Your Foundational Pieces in Order

Assembling refined outfits every day becomes effortless when you have the right foundational pieces. Suit colours like navy blue, charcoal, and medium to light grey are staples in every modern gentleman's wardrobe. A white or light blue shirt, like the sky blue Brioni cutaway collar Oxford shirt, will make choosing a tie to round out your outfit a breeze.

The sky blue cutaway collar dress shirt from Brioni.
Photo Credit: Brioni

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

One element shouldn't draw more attention than the others. Great style doesn't mean wearing flashy or ostentatious elements. It's the ability to create an outfit pleasing to the eye by achieving harmony between different pieces.

A man wears a blue suit with a loud green tie with hexagons on it.

When in Doubt, Keep it Simple

The Japanese adhere to kanso, the elimination of non-essentials. A navy suit with a white dress shirt and a navy grenadine tie is simple. That's what we love about it. It's clean and sophisticated. Confidence radiates from a curated look that's understated yet holds visual interest.

Take the guesswork out of looking polished in your suit and tie. Check out the full tie pairing guide for more pairing tips.

A man wears a burnt orange grenadine tie with a navy suit.

Refined essentials that make pairing effortless.

White Striped Deep Blue Six-Fold Silk Tie
White Striped Deep Blue Six-Fold Silk Tie
Navy Dotted Grenadine Tie
Navy Dotted Grenadine Tie
Burnt Orange Tie - Grenadine
Burnt Orange Tie - Grenadine
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