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Man wearing a striped shirt with a reddish brown blazer and grey pleated chinos. The text says "In Full Bloom," and "Fresh as a daisy in your spring suit."
Photo Credit: Orazio Luciano

Is it warm in here? Or is it just you? It might be a bit of both. Spring's crept up on us, so we can't blame you if you're still wearing thicker suits. We're leaving winter behind, so let's hit refresh on your suit style. Break out the spring suits that give your outfits a hit of freshness (and refinement).

Not sure where to start? Here are keys to looking good in your spring suit, along with some suits to inspire your refined looks this season:

Man wearing a light blue striped seersucker blazer with a navy blue shirt and khaki trousers.
Photo Credit: Orazio Luciano

Mind Your Suit Materials

Spring's a good time to wear lighter, more breathable fabrics. Fresco wool and cotton are great options for the spring. Keep an eye out for seeksucker too. Indochino's Stapleford Seersucker Navy Suit promotes ventilation and can be a stylish option that raises the temperature at your spring events.

A light grey suit.
Photo Credit: SuitSupply

Go with Lighter Shades of Foundational Colours

Liven up your suit style in the spring with lighter shades of tried and true colours. Suitsupply makes their Mid-Grey Herringbone Havana Suit with a blend of wool and silk. The mid-grey brings levity to your spring suit style, adding an element of refinement and polish whether you're in the office or at a spring wedding.

Man wearing a sage green blazer and beige trousers.
Photo Credit: Mr. Porter

Mix it Up with a Separates

Experiment with separates (mixing a jacket from one suit with trousers from another) to create exciting and fresh looks every day. You can also check out a piece like Lardini's Linen and Wool-Blend Hopsack Blazer. Pair it with your khaki chinos or light grey trousers for a polished outfit that makes you look (and feel) cool as a cucumber.

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Man wearing  a navy suit with a dusty blue grenadine tie.

Elevate your spring suit with refined essentials.

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