Aklasu Craftsmanship

How It's Made

Our Artisanal Craftsmanship

Our ties and pocket squares are painstakingly handmade by a family of artisans using centuries-old traditions. This process infuses character into each tie, and the result: no two ties are ever identical, each a truly artisanal piece. By constructing our essentials by hand, we incorporate features that ensure longevity and durability, which no machine could ever accomplish.


Como is a beautiful city at the southern tip of Lake Como in northern Italy. Its rich history and vibrant atmosphere support a wealth of of artisanal craftsmanship. We source our silk and wool and make our essentials in Como - their silk is world renowned.


Our motivation is to provide staples to discerning men that are thoughtfully designed and made with a focus on longevity in both design and quality. It's against this backdrop that all our products are produced.


In producing our fabrics, we pick the finest Como silk yarn. We use them in 100 year-old wooden looms to produce fabric like our timeless Grenadine.


With the finely produced fabric inhand, the tie patterns are then marked on it for cutting. In order to provide the perfect knot and drape, all our patterns are marked at a precise 45° angle.


Once the patterns are marked, each pattern is carefully cut by hand.


The large patterns are sewn together to form the shell of the tie.


The shell is now carefully ironed on the opposite side and folded over our 100% wool interlining. At this point, the intricate tacking and hand stitch work begins. Critical and feature enhancing details like the slip stitch, bar tack, keeper and white Aklasu labels are affixed to the tie.


Our collective obsession with creating products that you only need to buy once is personified in our packaging solution which we call The Canister®. Its dual purpose ensures that your shipment arrives intact and your tie is well protected when not in use. Ensuring the value of your tie could not be any simpler.