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Timeless & Understated

Impression Maker

Our goal is to help men achieve timeless, understated style so they make lasting impressions. To achieve this goal, we created a collection of handmade, understated ties coupled with guides and resources centred around our core style principles.

Wearing our ties and following our guides and style principles will help you craft a look that is greater than the sum of its parts. You're guaranteed to make lasting impressions.

Made to Last

Our ties are painstakingly handmade by artisans in the beautiful city of Como, Italy, using traditions that have been perfected over generations. All our designs are timeless, and we've constructed every fibre from quality raw materials. In the end, our ties will always be in fashion and will always be ready to wear when you're ready to wear them.

Style Resources

To help men create an understated look and a lasting impression, we created a series of guides and resources for the journey. The core Aklasu aesthetic is expressed in our Pillars of Style. This and our other resources will help you build the foundation for an understated and timeless style that will pay you dividends for years to come.

Resources for
Timeless, Understated Style

  • Tie Knowledge Grenadine Ties: The Details Confidence starts with what you know. Learn more about how we make our Grenadine Ties. Read More
  • Tie Knowledge Six Fold Ties: The Details What's a Six-Fold you ask? Learn more about this artisan tie construction method. Read More
  • Tie Knowledge Grenadine Tie Primer Grenadine ties are the best kept secret in menswear. Learn what you need to know in this article. Read More
  • The Basics Know Your Ties: Anatomy of A Tie Know your tie inside and out so you can be a more informed buyer and wearer. Read More
  • The Basics Take Care of Your Tie in Two Easy Steps Your tie is an extension of you. Learn how to care for it so it pays dividends. Read More
  • Craft Timeless, Understated Style Four-in-Hand Knot This is our signature knot. Learn the Four-in-Hand knot and use it religiously for work, play and everything inbetween. Read More
  • Craft Timeless, Understated Style Pillars of Style Our Pillars of Style are the core elements we use for crafting timeless, understated style. Read More
  • Craft Timeless, Understated Style 5 Tie Etiquette A quality tie and well fitting suit mean nothing if your tie your knot is the size of a fist. Follow our 5 etiquette rules to craft a polished style. Read More
  • Craft Timeless, Understated Style Pillars of Style:Fit Above all else, fit is the most important element of good style. In this piece, we share our core fit philosophy for timeless style. Read More
  • Tie Knowledge Aklasu Craftsmanship Learn more about where and how we make our ties and the care we take to ensure that you not only have access to timeless, understated ties but ones that are made to last. Read More
  • Tie Knowledge Batwing Bow Ties: The Details Batwing bow ties are bow ties done right - timeless and understated. Learn more about this iconic bow tie. Read More