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Grenadine Ties: The Details

The Art

Our silk is produced by near century-old traditional wooden looms in Como, Italy by one of the oldest mills in Italy and Europe. This artisanal technique produces an authentically beautiful three-dimensional textured weave, making it very rare to come by.

Garza fina

There are two types of grenadines: garza grossa and garza fina. Garza grossa is a loose weave while garza fina is much finer. The tighter weave makes for a more resilient tie that won't easily get snagged and damaged. All AKLASU Grenadine ties are garza fina, further ensuring your tie is made to last.

Thy Keeper

Unlike most brands, our keepers are made of the same material as the tie's envelope. This makes for a more durable tie.

Got Como?

A great tie starts with quality raw materials. Each one of our ties is made from the best silk in the world which is found in Como, Italy. That's where our ties are made too! Only a handful of mills make authentic grenadine - it is truly special.

Wool Between Us

The interlining helps give a tie its shape. We use wool because it is more wrinkle resistant versus cotton or synthetics used by other brands. It costs a little extra but it's worth it!

How To Wear

Even for those who aren’t familiar with the unique process of weaving an AKLASU grenadine, the quality of these timeless accessories is immediately apparent. This collection of quality ties is elegant, refined, and perfect for every occasion. How and when you wear your grenadine is up to you. When it comes to knots though, we highly recommend the Four-In-Hand knot.