Black Cotton Mid-Calf Dress Socks

Size Chart/Fit Guide
Black Cotton Mid-Calf Dress Socks, $35

Black socks are the definition of sartorial timelessness. You can't go wrong with these black socks for a beautifully classic look.

Black socks are easily the best choice for formal wear. Use them to transition from your black shoes or black trousers. For more casual looks, pair them with grey or dark blue trousers.

Made in Italy with 100% Mercerized Egyptian Cotton on a 240-needle knitting machine, then hand-finished with reinforced hand-linked heels and toes.

  • Mid-Calf design
  • 100% Mako Egyptian Cotton
  • 90 weight thread, 2ply strands
  • Mercerized
  • Cuff is made of elastane
  • Spun by Filmar
  • Made in Italy
  • Hand-finished

To get the most out of your socks, follow our cleaning guide.

  1. We recommend that you wash your socks by hand with a mild detergent. For conveninece machine wash with cold water (max 30°C).
  2. For added protection, wash them inside out.
  3. Flat drying is the recommended method. For convenince tumble dry on low temperature.
Do not:
  • Use harsh detergents
  • Use bleach
  • Dry clean
  • Do not iron.
  • 100% Egyptian Mako CottonThe best cotton on the planet. A soft and breathable natural fabric for comfortable and dry feet that's perfect all year round.
  • MercerizedThe process of mercerizing creates a silky feel and added durability.
  • Knit on a 240-needle Machine240 needles knit a thin sock that easily slides into your fine dress shoes.
  • Reinforced Heels and ToesEnsures you get the most out of your socks so they don't wear down unevenly.
  • Hand-linked ToesThe seamless finish gets rid of pressure points meaning all-day comfort.
  • Mid-calfPerfect for tapered/slim-fit trousers but works equally well for more relaxed fit trousers.
  • Understated DesignYour handsome face deserves the attention - not your ankles.
We take socks very seriously. As an essential, socks should support the transition between your trousers and shoes effortlessly, provide you with all-day comfort, and make for longevity. Our socks don't have flashy colours or motifs because they have important work to do. Your handsome face deserves the attention, not your ankles. Discover how and where our socks are made and what they are made of.

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