Bad Ties
are the enemy.

Loud ties and bad knots make you look unsophisticated.
They impact your confidence and the respect you seek.
Make your tie work for you. Not against you.

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Always In Style Always look and feel your very best thanks to timeless designs.
Wardrobe Ready Understated designs take the guesswork out of pairing with your suits.
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Made from the best materials using legendary Italian craftsmanship.
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Why it all matters...

Standing in front of your peers with a lack of confidence can harm the respect you seek. A bad tie in a clumsy knot undermines your confidence and sophistication. Aklasu wants your tie to work for you, not against you. And we want to make it easy...
Choose a tie and be your best self. That’s all it takes.

You may not think you need a tie, but you’ll be glad you have one for your interview, work or special event. And you might as well get the best.

Aklasu’s tie collection comprising of contemporary silk, grenadine and six-fold ties are the finest ties you can get your hands on. They’re handmade with legendary Italian craftsmanship from the best raw materials around. We get our grenadine from one of only two grenadine mills in the world - the same mills as the brands you know.

The difference between us and them is that we just met.

Sure, you can buy a tie at a department store or Amazon. But we guarantee they won’t match our level of service or timeless designs. Even our packaging goes another level. We ship our ties in the “canister” which also stores and protects your investment.

We’re so confident you’ll love everything about our ties that we have a 365-day guarantee. We’ll exchange your tie for a new one if it’s defective or damaged through no fault of your own. That’s on top of our 30-day return policy.

All that’s left to do now is take the first step, then choose a tie, and become your best self.

Look great and radiate sophistication in an Aklasu tie. It’s easy.

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