Good Tie Etiquette: 5 Tips You Need to Know and Follow

With thousands of ways to tie a tie, we've seen more bad knots than good ones. As part of our etiquette series, we're tackling how we the modern gentleman should wear a tie.
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We see it on the train, in the meeting room, in restaurants, and everywhere in between: No one is immune to a sloppy looking tie.

Wearing an exquisite tie isn't enough. A beautiful tie loses its intended effect if it's not worn well.

Luckily with a few extra seconds, some care, and these five tips, you and your tie will shine every time you wear it.

1. Show Your Dimples

The ‘dimple,’ or the small fold beneath the knot of a tie, is an essential part of the overall look. Adding this small, yet stylish, detail provides additional visual interest that transforms the tie. It says to the world that the person wearing the tie possesses an excellent sense of style.

Dimples send a clear message: style and polish is not too much work, and it's never out of reach.

Dimple your tie.

2. Tighten that Knot

Loosely tied knots lends itself to a dimple-less over-sized knot that never looks like the intended shape. There is no rhyme or reason to have a loose tie. Take another look in the mirror, give that knot another go, and always look sharp in your tie.

Make your knot tight.

3. Keep it Simple

Knots like the Eldredge are too much and risk upstaging you. Ties should always complement the wearer. Elaborate knots are flashy, flamboyant, and the polar opposite of understated style. Take a "less is more approach" and always win the day. For this reason, we almost always use the Four-In-Hand knot because of its simplicity and asymmetry.

Keep your knots simple.

4. Give Your Knot Some Room

Always consider collar spacing and knot proportions. Leave some space between your collar tips and the edge of your knot. If the Four-In-Hand isn’t quite suitable, try out the Prince Albert (tight, slender shape), Kelvin (full, symmetrical), Pratt (wider for spread collars), or Half-Windsor (the widest you should consider). Part of mastering timeless style is knowing how to balance proportions.

Keep some room between your collar and knot.

5. Hit the Belt

Visually speaking, the best measure for where your tie should end is the belt buckle: the tip of your necktie should be in or around the centre of your belt (or where your belt would be), a length that will balance your frame.

Remember that the devil is in the details. These little things add up either to make you look immaculate and powerful, or awkward and careless.

End your tie around your belt buckle".

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