The Aklasu Way

Made to a higher standard

Mensah & Chantelle

Hi! We’re Mensah & Chantelle,

We’re the husband and wife duo who own and operate Aklasu in Alberta, Canada.

We’ve been making wardrobe-enduring ties and helping men look sharp since 2013. 

Our three core principles guide us every step of the way:

- Always design so it’s timeless.
- Use the best raw materials.
- Build it so it lasts forever.

We work with artisans in Como, Italy to bring products made to a higher standard directly to you. Come and get to know Aklasu, by getting to know what we value.


Our Values

Refined Designs

Our aesthetics embrace timeless and understated designs. We decry throw-away fashion and believe that goods should be made to last. We want every piece we make to have an enduring place in your wardrobe.

Superior Materials

We only use the highest quality raw materials for our products. We source silk from Como, Italy, a city world-renowned for its fine silks and handcrafted goods.

Meticulous Craftsmanship

We make our products to the highest standards. Artisans in Como, Italy painstakingly handcraft our ties using traditions that have been perfected over generations.

Explore where we make our ties.

Como, Italy

The beautiful city of Como sits at the southern tip of Lake Como in northern Italy. We source our silk and make our ties in this city renowned for its silk, rich history and wealth of artisan craftsmanship. 

Our ties are painstakingly handmade by a family of artisans using centuries-old traditions. The process infuses character into each tie which means no two ties are ever identical. Constructing our essentials by hand incorporates features that ensure longevity and durability. Let’s see a machine try to accomplish that.


How We Make Our Ties


Made to last

Over time, ties have taken on a world of their own. They’ve been used from status symbols to light-hearted self expression. But, regardless of how or how often you wear a tie, we believe it should be understated, made from quality fabrics and constructed so you can wear it for decades. 

 We’re driven to provide thoughtfully designed staples made with a focus on longevity in both design and quality. Our products follow an in-house design process that evaluates concepts for ‘visual balance,’ versatility, longevity and durability.

Keep reading to learn more about how our ties reach a higher standard


We don’t settle for poor-quality materials, and neither should you. We pick the finest Como silk yarns. And all of our fabrics go through a series of steps to remove any defects and ensure each fibre is stable. The quality of silk is measured by its density, represented by the unit, Mommes (MM). The higher the Mommes, the better. The highest quality silks are 28MM. We use 28MM silk for the shell of our ties, making it the most durable and luxurious canvas possible.

The tipping of our Grenadine and Premier ties uses pure silk printed twill in 14MM. Our luxurious Six-Fold is self-tipped—which means the entire shell and tip is 28MM.

We source our Grenadines directly from Fermo Fossati and Seterie Bianchi, the only two mills in the world that produce authentic Grenadines. There, the Grenadines are woven using 100-year-old wooden looms.


With the finely produced fabric in hand, the tie patterns are then marked on it for cutting. All our patterns are marked at a precise 45° angle. his is called cutting on the bias. It takes more silk but it ensures the perfect drape. - You need to look sharp, so we don’t cut corners. We cut on the bias.


Once the patterns are marked, each tie section is carefully and precisely cut by hand.


The large sections that were cut are sewn together to form the tie’s shell.


The shell is now carefully ironed on the opposite side and folded over our wool interlining. At this point, the intricate tacking and hand stitch work begins. Finally, critical and feature-enhancing details like the slip stitch, bar tack, keeper and white Aklasu labels are affixed to the tie.

Knowing a tie’s anatomy can help you avoid poor-quality ties. Learn how to buy a better tie and read: Anatomy of a Tie.

Store & Protect


Our collective obsession with creating products that last for decades is embodied in our packaging solution: The Canister®. Its dual purpose ensures that your shipment arrives intact and your tie is well protected when not in use. Ensuring the value of your tie could not be any simpler.

We take ties seriously, so you don’t have to.
You don’t need a closet full of loud, poor-quality ties that you rarely wear. Instead, look sharp in a handful of beautiful ties made to a higher standard.