How to Store Ties So They Last Decades

Improperly storing your ties can do a number on how they look. Keep reading and make your tie work for you and not against you by storing them in the best possible way.
Image CreditAklasu Canister Designed for Storage and Travel

We won't argue. After a long day of meetings, phone calls and putting out fires at the office, it's easier to throw that tie on a chair for next time. But if you want to guarantee a next time, you'll want to take better care of that tie. Ties are made of delicate fabrics. Improperly storing them (or not storing them at all) can significantly diminish not just their lifespan but the way they make you look.

You spent your hard-earned dollar on a tie to make you look professional, elegant and sophisticated. A sloppy, wrinkled, and misshapen tie sends the opposite message and makes the wrong impression.

Here at Aklasu, we don't store ties any old way. All of our ties are shipped to customers in a Canister—a cylindrical case designed specifically to store ties.

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Why don't we just drape our ties on a tie rack? Because the canister is the best way to store and protect ties. Don't believe us? Keep reading, and let's see if we can change your mind.

How to Store Ties: Roll It

You may not want to undo the perfect knot you tied this morning, but leaving the knot in a tie harms the silk fibres. Folding or hanging your tie leaves wrinkles and stress lines in the fabric. These stressors affect all types of material, but especially silk.

Rolling your tie relaxes the creases and folds from the knot so your tie can go back to its original shape. Put your tie away at the end of the day by rolling it up to avoid creating any permanent impressions that you definitely don't want.

To roll your tie:

  1. Lay it on a flat surface.
  2. Fold it in half and tuck the tail into the keeper.
  3. Then roll it from the folded end.
  4. Place it in a canister and put it away for another day.

The Canister Protects Your Tie from Other Ties

Untying and rolling your tie prevents wrinkles and permanent folds from the knots. But that's just one part of taking care of your tie.

When storing your ties, you should always have enough room between ties. Overcrowding them creates permanent wrinkles and crumpled ties that won't look sophisticated nor elegant when you wear them.

The canister physically separates ties and prohibits overcrowding. It keeps the tie snug, relaxed and ready for action when you need it.

Safeguard Your Ties from Dust and Liquids

You should always store your ties in a cool, dry place. You shouldn't store your tie in areas right next to a window where it can get too much direct sunlight. And you should avoid storing your ties in places where there's a lot of moisture, like a damp basement.

You can avoid looking for the perfect spot to store your ties by using the canister. The canister protects your ties from humidity and moisture. And if you only wear ties on special occasions, the canister stops dust from accumulating, so it'll be nice and clean when you want to score extra style points.

But the canister doesn't just care for your tie at home. Keep reading and see another way the canister protects your ties.

Take Care of Your Ties When You Travel

The comforts of home allow you to control your environment. You have your tools and routines set up to care for your ties. Travel makes things more complicated.

Storing ties in luggage can be detrimental to your ties. They can get crowded by other items of clothing creating wrinkles. And where do you put them at the end of the day? A tie rack doesn't travel well, but the canister does.

Pack two or three ties in their canisters for the conference, and your ties will look perfect and wrinkle-free for meetings and keynote speeches. They'll fit in your luggage and withstand the jostling and movement that inevitably comes with travel.

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What If I Don't Have a Canister?

Unless you've bought an Aklasu tie, you won't have a canister. But don't fret. You can roll up your tie and put it in a drawer. The key is to roll and protect. Don't overcrowd your ties by cramming them on a tie rack or in a drawer. Store your ties properly, and you'll dress to impress colleagues, clients and friends for years to come.

Get yourself a tie that's handcrafted by artisans. Browse Aklasu's collection of grenadine and six-fold ties. You'll have them for years, not just because of the canister, but because they're built to last.