Take Care of Your Tie with Just Two Easy Steps

Your tie is an extension of you. You need to care for it because every day you wear it, it pays dividends. The key to getting the most out of your investment is proper care. How you care for your investments is important.

Quick 2-Step Process

1. Unknot your tie by following the reverse process for tying. This is the best way to avoid adding new wrinkles or putting additional stress on the tie.

Leaving your tie tied is tempting. This practice is harmful and will permanently crease the fabric. With just a few seconds you can ensure your tie lasts for years to come. To untie your tie, simply follow the “reverse tying process.” Loosen up the tie a bit and bring the widest portion through the knot. Once that’s done, unravel the tie in the reverse direction of how it was originally tied. If you’re pulling hard on your tie to get it unknotted then you’re doing it wrong. If you do this you can damage the fabric, shape, and lining and put undue stress on the stitching - ultimately ruining your tie.

2. Roll up your tie and store it. Don't fold it or hang it - this imprints wrinkles and stress lines into the fabric - especially silk. Avoid any temptation to iron your tie by rolling it up when not in use. Every one of our ties comes with what we call the Canister®. If you've got one, store you tie in it. If not, don't panic, just simply place your rolled up tie into a drawer. The goal is to roll and protect. How you choose to accomplish this is up to you.

Remember to give your ties a break.

AKLASU Canister with Dotted Tie