4 Tips to Dress Better As You Get Older

As you age, refining your personal style becomes even more important. Upgrade your fashion game with these four essential tips for dressing better as you get older. From investing in quality pieces to embracing timeless classics
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It happens quickly. One minute you're a stylish young go-getter—the next minute, you're the older guy mentoring someone fresh out of college.

Look, we all get older. The good part is that we can choose how we get older. One of those choices has to do with the way we dress.

Like it or not, the way you dress affects how others see you. Your outfits can make you look like a "senior citizen," an older guy who desperately wants to hold on to his youth, or a distinguished gentleman.

We get better at many things when we get older, but the way we dress isn't always one of them. Like anything else, dressing better as you get older takes effort and intention. Fortunately, you're no stranger to a bit of effort.

Let's dive in and discuss the four keys to dressing better as you get older. Let’s build from the ground up and start by laying a solid foundation: adopting a timeless style.

Embrace a Timeless Style

Noboru Kakuta
Noboru Kakuta

Getting a grasp of timeless style makes dressing better as you get older a whole lot easier. Wearing classic pieces never looks out of date. Timeless style doesn't chase trends, so you won't look like the older guy trying to look young.

Instead, you'll create an aura of leadership and wisdom while looking sharp in timeless clothes. But how do you establish a timeless style? Here are a few rules to follow:

Keep it Simple

Avoid loud individual statement pieces. The most forceful statement is understatement. Focus on a curated look that's appealing but not distracting.

Concentrate on Fit

Clothing that fits you will always look stylish. Wear clothes that complement your body. Your clothes shouldn't pull against you. They should lay on you and move as you move.

Put Thought into Your Foundational Pieces

Collect foundational pieces in neutral colours. The versatility you craft helps you mix and match while staying true to a timeless and masculine aesthetic.

Aklasu Pillars of Style
Aklasu Pillars of Style

Simplicity, fit, and classic foundational pieces are concepts that help you exude elegance and sophistication. But before you can apply these ideas, you need to take a hard look at the clothes hanging in your closet.

Evaluate, Edit, and Elevate Your Wardrobe


You don't need to throw out everything that you own. But mastering timeless style takes discipline and a discerning eye. Like a novel that improves with editing, your wardrobe needs a keen eye to remove items that don't suit a timeless aesthetic. Evaluate your closet and say goodbye these pieces in your closet:

Clothes that don't fit well

We all have t-shirts, jeans, and sweaters that don't quite fit us anymore. It's time to say goodbye to tight-fitting or baggy clothes that make you look sloppy.

Overly-distressed and worn-out jeans

Distressed jeans and jeans with ripped designs are trendy in some circles. Gentlemen who adopt a timeless style don't follow these trends. They leave it for someone else.

Graphic tees and overly-branded clothes

Both of these styles scream for attention. Aim for an understated and controlled wardrobe. Outfits with big brand names splashed across them don't say distinguished. They say unsophisticated.

If you think your closet is looking a little bare at this point, that's ok. As you edit, take notes where you have holes in your wardrobe and think about replacements. But not just any replacements. Dressing better as you get older with a timeless style requires pieces that fit certain criteria.

Invest in Quality and Versatility

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With a head full of ideas and a closet released from obstacles to your timeless style, it's time for the fun part—shopping.

Some dread that word. Shopping brings up memories of aggressive salespeople, rummaging through racks, and trying clothes that someone had on five minutes ago.

The great part about shopping for a timeless wardrobe is that you don't have to do it very often. Save yourself time and focus on classic items around these ideas:

Pay attention to high-quality materials

Leather bomber jackets, cashmere v-neck sweaters, and fresco wool suits belong in your wardrobe not just because of their style but also because of their materials' high quality.

Build around versatility

Choose versatile staples that you can dress up or dress down. A Harrington jacket, chinos, a merino crew neck, and a good pair of brown leather boots can take you to many places.

Choose a timeless colour palette

Stick with colours like navy, olive green, dark grey, white and camel. They're easy to match, which makes them pretty foolproof.

If you want to get into specifics, check out our guides on building a timeless wardrobe full of essential pieces:

Celebrate You


Our final piece of advice to help you dress better as you get older is our favourite one: Celebrate you.

Celebrate everything you've been through. Don't try to hide in baggy clothes. Don't use loud brand designs as a distraction. Embrace becoming a role model for the youngsters coming up and show them how it's done.

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