Trousers Every Man Should Own (And How they Need to Fit)

Build a solid wardrobe foundation with essential trousers for men. Discover the perfect fit and timeless style that will take your look to the next level. 
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It can make or break your outfit. You can walk out your door with the right trousers that give you the clean, elegant lines you crave. Or you can face the world with ill-fitting trousers that add girth to your body and make people wonder where the trousers end and you begin.

We want to help you make the right choice. But the right choice is made long before you open your closet to choose your trousers for the day. Let me explain.

It starts at the store and choosing the trousers you need with the fit that you want. As we discuss the trousers every man should own, we'll also need to talk about how they should fit.

Hang tight (but not too tight)) and let's get into how to look great in the trousers every man should own.

The One (but Probably More) Pair of Trousers Every Man Should Own


You can't go to the office in shorts. You shouldn't attend a formal wedding in blue jeans. Dress trousers can help complete your wardrobe's foundational elements. And part of that foundation requires at least one, but probably more, suits.

You may not wear them as often if you don't wear a suit to the office. But when you need them, you'll be glad to have them. And you'll want to look good in them.

The first element to consider is length. Too long and fabric will form an unsightly pool at the top of your feet. Too short, and you'll show too much of your socks. Aim to strike a balance to create the best proportions with the rest of your outfit.

As for the waist, they should sit comfortably at the top of your hip bones and below your navel. Since you're wearing dress trousers in more formal settings, they should fit conservatively. You don't want them to fit so tight people see the shape of your behind.

Always put your best foot forward whenever you’re rocking your suit. Make sure your trousers aren’t too tight. Complete your looking with one of our elegant grenadine ties. Shop our collection of grenadines and six-fold ties to pick one to add to your foundational elements.

Jeans for Staying Stylish and Getting Things Done


It's the workhorse of your wardrobe. You can wear a dependable pair of jeans day in day out for different occasions. For this reason, they can come in several different styles. Let's narrow it down to the two that you'll definitely need in your closet.

Owning a pair of slim-fit dark wash jeans is a must. You can wear these bad boys at the office on casual days and take them straight to a restaurant to look stylish for a night out. Dress them up by throwing on a blazer. Or dress them down with a nice t-shirt and sneakers. These form-fitting jeans create a trim silhouette that flatters most body types.

As versatile as slim-fit jeans are, you'll want another pair of jeans to fulfill life's different demands. Grab a pair of rugged relaxed-fitting jeans in your closet for those days you're running around and crossing tasks off your to-do list.

Regardless of the jeans style, you don't want jeans tight in the thigh and loose when it gets below the knee. Sorry, but the seventies are long gone.

For people with larger thighs, look out for tapered jeans. They can accommodate your size while creating a slimming effect.

Styling jeans come with a lot of options. You can wear them long and roll them up to create a break between your trousers and shoes. For a more timeless and classic look, aim for your trousers to just touch your shoes' top.

Chinos to Keep it Casual, But Make it Smart


For that timeless and elegant look, even on casual occasions, a pair of chino trousers are the way to go. Falling somewhere between jeans and dress trousers, you can dress up chinos or dress them down.

Find a classic khaki chino and wear them all year round with a blazer or an untucked dress shirt with sneakers for a smart casual look. You can do the same with other neutral colours like olive, grey, and navy.

When it comes to fit, find chinos to fit you a little slimmer than your dress trousers. But beware. If they're too tight and form-fitting, they won't be appropriate for the office.

You want chinos for the days you're going for a smart-casual look, and for their versatility. Wear them an inch or two below your waist and avoid pleats. The legs' length should fall near the top of your shoe and the top of the heel.

Our discussion of trousers every man should own isn't very adventurous. We could have easily added cords, tailored joggers, pleated trousers, and another half a dozen styles. But our goal was to break down the essential trousers for a modern man's wardrobe.

When you build your wardrobe, you need to make the right choice with your foundational pieces. Make the wrong choice, and they cease to form the solid foundation you need in a modern wardrobe.

Continue to make the right choice every day. Read more topics in our Journal. Then browse Aklasu's collection of grenadine and six-fold ties for a timeless and elegant accessory that will serve you for years to come.