5 Surefire Ways a Groom Can Stand Out

Don't blend in with the groomsmen! Discover 5 fail-proof ideas to stand out on your wedding day including sporting a unique accessory, wearing a pop of color, and letting your individuality shine.
Image CreditTiko Giorgadze on Unsplash

The bride receives the lion’s share of attention on a wedding day, but let’s not forget that it takes two people to get married. A ravishing bride needs a groom who will look the part and feel worthy on their wedding day. Wedding traditions dictate the groom to match his groomsmen. Unfortunately, this doesn't make it easy for the groom to stand out. Luckily modern, fashion-forward grooms don’t shy away from breaking tradition.

And why not? It’s their wedding too. So, here are five surefire ways a groom can stand out on their wedding. After all, grooms need to feel special when they take those vows next to their beautiful partner in front of their friends and family.

1. Feel Free to Mix and Match Ties

While groomsmen should sport a tie that complements the bridesmaids, the groom can set himself apart with a different coloured tie. No matter the wedding’s colour scheme a grenadine tie can help a groom stand out with its unique and eye-catching texture. Whether it’s a rich burgundy or a bold green, a groom should consider a grenadine tie as part of his perfect wedding day ensemble.

The groom can take it a step further and wear a different style tie altogether to separate himself from his groomsmen subtly. For a more formal look, the groom can don a sleek black bowtie while the groomsmen wear long neckties.

A groom styled in a black batwing bowtie will undoubtedly turn heads. Not just because of a different style of tie from the groomsmen. A black bowtie signifies a suave sophistication that will make any man stand out in every room.

2. Formalize the Groom

Taking the formal route with a bowtie opens up other opportunities for the groom to set himself apart. As one of the wedding’s headliners, the groom can amp up his style with a vest, cummerbund, or suspenders to complement his bow tie.

A formal look for the groom can also allow him to sport a different coat or suit than his groomsmen. The groom can dress in all black, while his groomsmen dress in a gray suit. Or how about putting the groom in a white dinner jacket (think Sean Connery in Goldfinger) and dressing the groomsmen in traditional black tuxes.

3. Use Patterns and Colours

Smart use of colour and patterns can help the groom stand out. Put the groomsmen in a white shirt and dress the groom in a patterned shirt to make him look different from the rest of the guys.

We talked about mixing up the neckwear, but we didn’t touch on patterns. Another surefire way a groom can stand out is to put him in a patterned tie like Aklasu's White Striped Deep Blue Six-Fold Tie while getting his groomsmen in a solid tie—or vice versa.

4. The Little Details go a Long Way

Jackets and ties are not the only places where a groom can shine. Grooms can express their style through the accessories he decides to wear on his special day. Colourful and patterned accessories like socks or pocket squares add a healthy dose of flair to any grooms outfit.

Aside from argyle socks or a floral pocket square, grooms can create eye-catching ensembles in a myriad of ways. They can sport a different colour or style of shoes than their groomsmen, or wear an exquisitely made hat (if the wedding’s theme calls for it). He can also wear a pocket watch to track the wedding’s program while looking dapper to boot.

5. Allow the Groom’s Personality to Shine Through

No matter what strategies the groom uses to stand out from the other guys, it’s most vital that the groom’s personality shines through. It’s the personal touches that people notice, and it’s what they will remember.

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