Our Approach to Men's Dress Socks

Discover our approach to men's dress socks, where style, comfort, and quality are at the forefront. We believe that dress socks should not only complement your attire but also provide ultimate comfort throughout the day.

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Socks. What is there to say? In addition to providing a comfortable layer of protection to your feet, socks can also act as a subtle indication of your overall taste and aesthetic. While men's dress socks have gone through many wild (and sometimes garish) trends throughout the years, our philosophy is that socks are essentials- they are not accessories and should never garner more attention than your handsome face.

Forget the cartoon characters and corny punchlines. Instead, we think solid colours or smart patterns and high-quality construction reigns king when it comes to socks. Oftentimes, however, we believe most men tend to neglect looking for a quality pair of socks, and some are even unaware of what to look for in a quality pair of socks. We’ve put together this quick guide so you will know exactly what to look for the next time you need to go sock shopping.

When it comes to men's dress socks, we think selecting the right colour for your outfit is crucial to establishing the overall aesthetic of your look. For many years, black was the tried-and-true go-to for dress socks and remains a solid choice to pair with most outfits. However, we like to branch out and try new things with our sock-style while maintaining a cohesive and smart look.

To achieve this, you should aim to complement your sock colour to the colour of your trouser leg. Navy trousers? Navy socks. Grey trousers? Grey socks, you get the idea. To take it a step further however, you can contrast the colour of your sock to the colour of your trousers, as long as the colours continue to complement each other. If you have a navy suit, try a pair of maroon coloured socks, for example. We’ve carefully curated our sock collection so you can find complementary colours that will help to elevate your wardrobe.

The Materials Matter

Just like all apparel, men's dress socks come in a wide variety of different materials that possess different characteristics. The most common materials you’ll likely run into while shopping for socks are cotton, wool, and a variety of synthetic materials.

Cotton is an excellent choice of material due to it’s breathability and absorbency. Unlike other materials, cotton can help to absorb sweat, which will help to maintain comfort.

Wool on the other hand is a warmer material, which makes it a great choice in the cooler months. Additionally, wool is breathable, just like cotton.

Synthetics can provide a myriad of benefits. For starters, synthetics have more elasticity than natural materials, which means they possess more stretch in comparison. Synthetic materials also have moisture wicking properties, which can keep your feet dry and comfortable. However, synthetics do not feel as nice on your feet as natural materials, and can be less durable.

At Aklasu, we prefer using Egyptian cotton to produce a comfortable, durable sock. Unlike other varieties of cotton, Egyptian cotton is still harvested using the hand-picking process, which helps to maintain the fine structure and long staple lengths of the cotton plants. This makes Egyptian cotton the softest and most durable material for socks available.

Consider Construction

What if we told you that not all socks are made the same? Looking past the materials, the overall build construction of the sock will play a big role in how durable the article is and how comfortable it is on your foot.

The primary consideration to make when it comes to the construction of your socks is the needle count. The needle count typically ranges from 90 to 240, and the higher the needle count, the thinner the sock. For example, a high-quality dress sock will have a higher needle count in the range of 200-240 needles. It is essential to have a thinner dress sock for three reasons: keeping your feet dry, facilitating the most comfortable fit with your shoes and creating a sophisticated and clean look.

Additionally, you may want to consider the origin of the socks you’re purchasing. You want to feel good about the clothes you wear, and that means purchasing socks that have been made from manufacturers that prioritize social equity and artisanal craftsmanship. Our socks are made in Italy, just like our neckties.

Finally, the Fit

Just like shoes, finding a pair of socks that fits properly is equally as important. Socks that are too tight will restrict blood flow and can cause skin irritation and overall discomfort. You want to look for a sock retailer that carries different sizes of socks, so you can use your knowledge of your foot size to find the perfect sized sock that will remain comfortable for you. At Aklasu, we are devoted to ensuring that you look and feel your best. We hope that you can use your newly found sock knowledge to find a quality pair of socks that you can style smartly!

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