Becoming Agent Orange: How to Wear the Bold Colour

Embrace the bold and vibrant shade of Agent Orange with confidence by learning how to wear it in style. Discover tips and tricks on incorporating this daring color into your wardrobe

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You take notice. Even as you shuffle through the busy sidewalk among a crowd of people. The splash of colour on a well-dressed man commands your attention. The hint of orange is subtle, but it's enough to make an impression among the sea of navy and grey.

You're envious. The sun's warmth teases the coming of spring, so you want that same jolt of energy to your work outfits. But orange is a tricky colour.

So how do you harness this bold colour and flex your style for everyone to notice? Following the advice we're about to share with you is an excellent place to start.

Please sit back, and we promise no orange puns. Well, maybe just one - we’ll see how it goes.

Rule #1: Use Orange Sparingly

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It's not like a green or red suit where certain muted hues work. Orange can be loud and aggressive. But it can also be enthusiastic. Use orange sparingly. You want to come off as fun and energetic - not in your face and overzealous.

The great thing is that you don't need to wear a lot of orange to be noticed. An orange pocket square, a boutonniere or socks will do. Wear a burnt orange grenadine tie to the office for elegant use of the bold colour.

Orange will be brighter and more noticeable than a lot of your wardrobe but pair it with the right colour, and you'll be surprised how many combinations you can come up with.

Navy Blue is a Staple. Punch it Up with Orange

Keep it simple. Keep it classic. Nothing goes with orange better than navy blue. Blue and orange are complementary colours that create a sharp contrast. Pairing the cool blue with the warm orange will make your outfit pop. 

Use your navy blue essentials to anchor an outfit while using orange to punch it up. Take your great navy blue suit and throw on that burnt orange tie we mentioned earlier. Or slip in a pocket square. Orange socks work too. They can hide underneath your pants and peak out for a fun, unexpected surprise.

Don't Ask Us How, But it Works

We can't explain it as clearly as the orange and navy blue relationship, but orange and brown work well together too. Orange looks great with khaki and other shades like chocolate brown.

Dig that orange shirt out of the back of your closet. Throw on a brown sweater or cardigan on top and enjoy the spoils of a great combination. The same goes for the next time you don your brown suit or tweed jacket. Find items with shades of orange to combine with it: a wristwatch band, leather shoes, and other accessories come together beautifully with brown.

Orange for the Season

Shades of orange like burnt orange and leather work great in the fall and winter months. But the colour really shines in the spring and summer.

Add a pocket square to your navy suit for a new detail in your work outfit. Whether it's patterned or a solid tone, the orange's lustre will give you a look that mirrors the season's vibrance.

For a casual look to wear during the weekend, an orange polo shirt will look great with chinos. Shorts in lighter shades of orange can set you apart from the navy, beige or khaki shorts crowd. 

Where Do You Begin

Start in small doses. Instead of the red tie that you wear with your navy suit, reach for an orange tie. Next time, throw in an orange pocket square. That's all you really need. One or two accessories for a fresh and eye-catching element to your wardrobe. There's no need to over-do it.

Alright, go forth, be bold and be smart with your use of orange. 

Done! No orange puns! We did it!

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