Blue is the Colour – Great Style Made Simple

Discover the simplicity and timeless elegance of great style with the color blue. From navy to sky blue, this classic hue offers endless possibilities for creating stylish outfits.
Image CreditBugatti President Stephan Winkelmann

When you’re down, you’re said to be blue. We think that’s an unfair slight on one of the most elegant and stylish of colours. This French Blue tie, for example: there’s nothing down about it. It’s simply stylish, definitely elegant, and wonderfully wearable.

Aklasu French Blue Grenadine Tie

Blue is a colour that you can wear – that anyone can wear – causally or formally. Smart and attractive, and clashing with nothing, blue is the basis for a look that says what you want it to say. That can be ‘look at me’ or ‘I’m here, I look good, but I don’t want to be the star attraction.’

It’s the simple life, blue, and yet it can be a wonderful thing, too.

The Classic Gentleman’s Look

There are many old sayings that state how a gentleman should dress. ‘Never brown in town’ is one for the shoes. A gentleman only ever wears a white shirt is another. We say put these aside, but don’t forget them.

The white shirt and blue tie combination is a classic. It works with a dark suit, grey or blue, and it works as a smart-casual interlude, with a good pair of jeans and a blazer. It works whatever you want to wear it with, as white and blue – and this French blue is a perfect shade – and always on point.

Aklasu French Blue Grenadine Tie with white shirt and patterned dark blue suit

The blue tie will also work with a different shade blue shirt. Pair the beautiful shade of the tie with a pale blue shirt and a light summer suit for a lunch date. Put it with a formal, dark blue suit for a dinner party. It’s there, it’s easy to wear. And you can wear brown brogues with a blue suit for when black is just that bit too formal.

That’s the blue tie as a sober addition to an outfit, but how can you use it to add a touch of jazz to the proceedings?

Push the Boat Out

You want to wear that beautiful, superbly styled French blue tie, but you also want to go a step further? You want to get ‘noticed.’ It’s a thing with some men, and it can be done in many ways, but with a demure, simple and stylish blue tie?

Why not? Forget the white shirt, put that blue suit back on the hangar; what you need is something bright, beautiful and colourful. Something that will make people look, and then look again. Think challenging: think of a colour that you’re not sure you can get away with. Then try.

Pair your French blue tie with a pale, pastel shade shirt – pink, perhaps, or a faint yellow – and then add a simple jacket in brown, and your favourite, best-fitting pair of jeans. Think outside of the box. Try it. See how things fall together once you start to experiment. After all, if you don’t want to dress like everyone else, you’ve got to push the boundaries. Just not too far.

When to Go Blue

How you choose to carry off that French blue tie is up to you, but we’re going to suggest something that might take you by surprise. Go completely French Blue, take it to the limit. This is a shade of blue that isn’t like any other – it’s neither dark, nor pale, neither brash nor shy – and one that works for all occasions.

Why not a French blue suit? We reckon single breasted, tailored fit, with or without a waistcoat. Make the shirt a slightly lighter blue, and add the tie.

Blue is ubiquitous when it comes to fashion, but it doesn’t need to be. Not if you give it your own personal touch. We’re back to the beginning here, where we talked about whether you want to hide in the crowd and be noticed for your style, or stand out at the front, and simply be seen for being you.

Blue can do that for you, it’s a worldly colour, one that mixes and matches like no other, and that you can wear when you want, and how you want. French blue is the way to go, and stylish ties are always in vogue.

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