How to Dress Like a Realtor with Curb Appeal

Professionalism is key. But it's a game-changer when you dress like a realtor who radiates confidence and does outstanding work. Read our guide to add timeless style to a realtor's listing.
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Realtors are in the business of selling homes by fostering valuable client relationships. But before you close the deal, you need to master the art of impressing both buyers and sellers. That starts with knowing exactly how to dress like a realtor.

Like any other professional dealing with clients, realtors must dress for success. As the age-old adage goes, your first impression is the last. Creating that memorable first impression on clients isn't always a piece of cake because you only have 33 to 100 milliseconds to do so.

Besides having an upbeat demeanour, you need some presentable and polished outfits in your arsenal. Keep reading for style tips and outfit inspiration that impress clients the moment you shake their hand.

How to Dress like a Realtor Who Exudes Success

To close deals with high-end clients, you need perfectly crafted outfits and accessories that exude excellence. Your outfit should be professional and refined—not tacky or ostentatious. You want to forge a relationship of trust with clients while featuring your immaculate character. Here are tips for dressing like a realtor others can trust.

Build a Timeless and Professional Wardrobe

When figuring out how to dress like a realtor, take a quick glance at the outfits you already own. Take stock of your suits, dress shirts, ties and shoes. These components of a professional outfit can leave an impression of confidence and competence.

Building a professional wardrobe takes time and a discerning eye. Start with suits that fit your frame. A navy blue suit is a classic that you can wear for showings or networking events. The same goes for a grey suit. But remember, the darker the grey, the more formal the suit. So, choose the shade that complements your clientele.

Pick up a patterned blazer in a windowpane or herringbone for some versatility. It's a great piece to pair with chinos or dress trousers. For tips on shirts, shoes and ties for polished and professional outfits, read Raise the Bar: Strategies That Elevate Your Business Casual Outfits.

Balance Spending and Style

The talk of suits may make you itching to close deals and collect commissions but don't fret. Creating a classy impression on your clients doesn't have to break the bank.

Professional outfits can meet your needs while showing your affable personality without shaking your budget. But there's one thing you can't overlook: fit.

Clothing that fits and complements your frame will always elevate your style. When trying on a suit, make sure it drapes along your body. It shouldn't feel too tight or loose. The suit should move with you rather than fight against you. It should give you a full range of motion so you can shake hands, climb stairs, and show all the features of the home you're selling.

Discover more ways to use colour, understand proportions, and improve your style in our article, Pillars of Style.

Showcase Your Personality with High-Quality Pieces

Timeless and versatile pieces that emphasize fit will help you dress like a realtor who can be trusted. But you can do more to feature your personality. Show your quality at client meetings and open houses by wearing quality materials with fine craftsmanship. Nothing will stop you from radiating a confident aura.

Get to Know Quality Materials

Flimsy and shoddy synthetic materials catch the eye for the wrong reasons. High-quality silk, wool, and cotton stand out like no other material. Such materials are simple yet enduring.

Professional outfits cut out of superior materials will accompany you on all your professional endeavours as a realtor. Natural materials create pieces that last long and please the eye. Such outfits' strength is unwavering, allowing you to shine even when rigorously on the go, travelling from home to home.

Sophisticated Craftsmanship Won't Let You Down

While conjuring ideas about how to visualize the craftsmanship you want to flaunt, remember that every outfit in your wardrobe should meet the highest standard of craftsmanship, whether machine-made or hand-crafted. Be sure to look out for these red flags in clothes:

  • Loose or missed stitches and crooked seams are imperfections you must avoid in your clothing.
  • Stitching on the buttons should leave them secured. You don't want a loose button revealing too much at an open house.
  • Look closely at the hem and ensure it has finished and secure stitches.
  • More stitches, the merrier. It keeps every element looking as it should at all times.

Nothing says quality and dependability more than meticulous stitches, fine seams, refined patterns and added durability. Show your quality by wearing quality clothes that don't misplace a single stitch.

Getting Your Suit and Tie Pairings Right

If you're still unsure about how to dress like a realtor, always remember this quote from British fashion designer Hardy Amies:

"A man should look as if he has bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care, and then forgotten all about them."

Effortless style comes from harmonious looks that result from paying attention to suit and tie pairings. Balance potency and panache using classic hues like grey and blue. They give you the versatility to complement various shirts and ties. Take a look at these outfits you could wear to your next open house:

Wearing a high-contrast pairing (for instance, a grey suit with a burnt orange tie) can create an eye-catching outfit. The reddish tones of the burnt orange give your grey suit a refined element that leaves a positive impression.

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On the other hand, a low-contrast pairing (for example, a dark blue suit with a black grenadine tie) offers a subtle and sophisticated look. You can wear the pairing for lavish industry events or while showing a penthouse downtown.

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To tone down your outfit's formality, opt for separates, pairing the jacket from one suit with trousers from another set. Pair a navy jacket with grey or brown trousers to create a fresh look for showing a townhouse in a trendy neighbourhood. Pairing it with the versatile INTRO Navy and Steel Blue Block Striped Grenadine Tie will add to your charm like nothing else.

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One more thing...

A crucial factor to consider while choosing the colours is your skin tone. Shades of gray, brown, blue, green, and purple enhance the appearance of individuals with cool undertones in their complexion.

Warm undertones in the skin complement bright or light colours beautifully. Wear hues that make you feel confident and authentic while creating a memorable style statement.

Ready to dress like a realtor who knows how to close the deal?

Given the plethora of options available, collecting and assembling the right pieces to create a timeless wardrobe can be confusing. If you wish to add sophistication to your outfits and create a lasting impression on your clients, you need to explore, experiment, and execute.

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Looking for a helping hand? Our free ebook, Elements of Sophistication, will give you fantastic ideas for dressing like a realtor and ultimately impressing your clients. Choose ties from our timeless collection today to make a mark of finesse, panache, and competence every day.