Exploring the Singular Charm of a Shantung Tie

Artistry, craftsmanship and luxury come together in a Shantung tie. Discover how to shake things up and use Shantung silk's incomparable appeal to refine and polish your style.
Image CreditAklasu Navy Blue and Burgundy Block Striped Shantung

Staring isn't always a bad thing. It's what happens when someone encounters something that's truly one-of-a-kind. You'll do the same when you see a Shantung Tie for the first time. You could be in the office or at a wedding, and the uniquely beautiful piece will grab your attention and refuse to let it go.

That's the power of Shantung silk. Discover the artistry and craftsmanship that creates a Shantung tie. Put an end to outfits that lack visual appeal. Elevate your classic suits by infusing luxury and unparalleled sophistication.

What makes Shantung Silk unique?

Aklasu Navy Blue and Burgundy Block Striped Shantung

The term "one-of-a-kind" gets thrown around a lot. Few materials tell a special story of craftsmanship and sophistication. Shantung silk is one of those materials.

It's a type of silk fabric with distinctive ridges called "slubs." Shantung silk's irregular but subtle texture makes it a favourite among fabric connoisseurs. The silk's crisp, airy, and light nature creates an elegant drape, making it a popular choice for top-tier wedding gowns.

But what about us, gentlemen? Due to the raw silk, Shantung silk's striated surface makes for a wonderfully textured tie. The breeding of the silkworms creates irregularities in the silk.

However, these imperfections make each tie your very own piece of art. Take a closer look at Aklasu's Navy Blue and Burgundy Block Striped Shantung Tie.

A Shantung Tie that Deserves a Place in Your Collection

Navy Blue and Burgundy Block Striped Shantung

A striped tie does a great job of changing up your look after a few days of wearing a solid tie to the office. But there are striped ties, and then there's Aklasu's Navy Blue and Burgundy Block Striped Shantung Tie.

We've combined the classic navy blue and burgundy with contemporary block stripes to create a stunning Shantung tie. It also includes a wool interlining for structure that translates to perfect knots and a wrinkle-free tie.

Walk into your meeting room feeling confident and looking the part in a Shantung tie. Thanks to the randomly distributed slubs that adorn the tie, you're sure to catch some attention from envious eyes. Embrace the imperfection, as the randomness means no two ties are identical.

Suppose that doesn't convince you to add it to your wardrobe. In that case, we have some pairing suggestions that elevate your look for different occasions.

Pairing the Striped Shantung Tie for Maximum Sophistication

Navy Blue and Burgundy Block Striped Shantung with Navy Suit

Pair the striped Shantung with a navy blue suit and a crisp dress shirt for a classic outfit. Wear a cutaway collar that gives the Shantung silk more room to shine, and you'll radiate sophistication. It's a timeless pairing that you don't need to overcomplicate. But with the right pieces, you can show up in a visually arresting look that will turn heads.

Navy Blue and Burgundy Block Striped Shantung with striped Grey Suit

Wear a grey-striped suit with the block-striped Shantung tie to add even more visual interest to your outfit. The subtle stripes on the suit pair well with the tie's stripes. Subtlety is the key. You can also add a striped shirt as long as it has a subtle pattern.

If you're combining multiple striped elements, here are two rules to guide you towards timeless style:

  • Don't wear two elements with stripes that go in the same direction
  • Don't wear two elements with stripes that are the same width and distance apart

Whether you're heading into the office, walking into a wedding, or elevating your style for a formal event, a Shantung tie is the perfect partner. With its origins deeply rooted in the rich traditions of silk weaving, this exquisite accessory transcends the ordinary.

It weaves history, artistry and luxury into a single one-of-a-kind piece that belongs in every modern gentleman's wardrobe.

Get your hands on Aklasu's Navy Blue and Block Striped Shantung Tie that's yours and yours alone.

A Shantung Tie to make looking polished effortless.

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