Elegant Red & Burgundy Ties

The collection consists of solid and patterned burgundy, red and maroon ties that are perfect for work, a romantic night out or for a wedding. Our collection consists of elegantly designed ties with different hues of red. Our designs will pair easily with your suits and will have a lasting place within your wardrobe.

Inspiration. A burgundy tie and navy suit belong together. Bring out the best of this elegant and luxurious combination to elevate the essential navy blue suit. Read the article.

Refined Style Prowess

How you wear your tie is just as important as its design. A refined look calls for colour balance, adherence to proportions and fit. Plus, a dash of sprezzatura. Our signature Four-In-Hand knot is the perfect mix. Wear it with confidence. Follow our guide to take the guesswork out of looking polished.

Pale Yellow Shantung
New Addition