A tie can make or break your look

Our ties are sophisticated and versatile, so you'll always make the right choice.

Ties are at times viewed as an accent piece. With the abundance of choice leads some men to wear loud, overpowering ties that hurt their overall look. Loud ties make a bad first impression which can get in your way of success - in any setting.

To help men create an understated look and a great first impression, we developed the Pillars of Style and a curated selection of sophisticated and versatile ties. Our style philosophy and our edited tie collection will help you be confident in the way you look.

Working For You

Although it takes quite a few people to make and deliver one of our ties to you, AKLASU is a family business run by me, Mensah, and my wife, Chantelle.

We've curated a selection of sophisticated accessories that are made from the finest materials and by the most skillful artisans on the planet.

This means you spend less time searching and more time looking good. Each one of our pieces is edited to function at its best, an Aklasu tie or square is an enduring investment piece that will keep you looking good for decades to come.

Our ties and squares are handmade in beautiful Como, Italy from start to finish

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