How It All Got Started

I had one tailored suit, so to distract from my limited options—I invested in a few eye-catching ties. I received compliments on my trendy pink and yellow ties, so I mistook the compliments as an indication I had achieved my goal of being a well-dressed young man. I soon realised that it wasn’t quite the message I was sending.

I felt as if I was not being taken as seriously as I desired, and realised the value of classic, understated style. As I elevated my wardrobe and accessories, I quickly learned that the spend didn't really translate to true value. Like you, I don’t mind paying for a luxury wardrobe staple—but also like you, my expectation is that I get my money's worth.

I knew that my experience was not unique and that there were other men out there experiencing the same heartache. I wanted to create not only products that were timeless and well made but an online experience that was simple and customer focused. So I started my own brand that sought to bridge the gaps.

Essentials that stand out & fit in.

What We're About

People & Places

All our essentials are handmade by artisans in Como, Italy. When you’re passionate about something, you do it better. We believe products should have an untold story, something warm and more human than the cold metal of an assembly line. We seek out and support people who are passionate about creating. This ensures the sustainability of their craft and the continued creation of products that are a testament to the human spirit for decades to come.

Thoughtful Design & Quality

Essentials that are made to last. Form and function are the two most basic components of any product, and when we say that a product is made to last, we mean that these two elements complement one another, form never outliving function and vice versa. Designs that will endure the tides of fashion—those that you find yourself wearing time and time again—are as important to us as the quality materials used in the construction of such designs. What results is a product that exceeds your expectations, that keeps you looking good always.

Relationships & Satisfaction

Online shopping is convenient but can never replace the one-on-one interaction at a physical store. We strive to bridge that gap by limiting automation and instead communicate with each and every customer in an authentic manner. Your satisfaction is our pledge. Your Aklasu experience is extremely important to us.

Honest Pricing

When you pay for quality, you support the craft. Our pricing is based solely on the cost of raw materials and the wages of our skilled craftsmen and women. By working with socially conscientious companies, we know that the people who make our products are treated with respect and dignity. When you buy an AKLASU product, your money supports a sustainable network composed of textile producers, garment producers, AKLASU, and you.

With AKLASU, you know you're paying for quality, not the name. Shop our collection of thoughtfully designed essentials that will give you a truly understated and refined style.

Refinement Awaits You

Sartorial Collection

Meticulously handcrafted for the man who makes no compromises and expects the very best.

Starting from $120 CAD

Square Collection

Hand-rolled artisanal accent pieces for an uncontrived look.

Starting from $55 CAD

Rakish Collection

Self-tied Batwing Bow Ties. Made specifically for the man seeking tempered masculinity while unleashing their inner rake.

Starting from $70 CAD

Prestige Collection

Handcrafted Grenadine Ties. This collection is perfectly suited for the most discerning of tastes, while still staying accessible to the style focused man.

Starting from $90 CAD

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