5 Charming Accessories Grooms Can Use to Put His Stamp on Their Wedding

A groom doesn’t need to disappear behind his partner’s shadow. Read about how a groom can put a stamp on his wedding by choosing accessories that allow his personality to shine.
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A wedding is no time to disappear into the background. It’s a rare occasion where you have your friends and family’s undivided attention. Make them smile and let them know it’s your wedding. Put a stamp on your special day with the little details that make you happy. Choose your favourite colours, dance to the songs you can’t live without, serve food you can’t get enough of and wear the accessories that make you, you.

Of course, that’s different for everyone. So, how do you choose accessories that let your personality shine?

This comes easy for most people. For those who need to make more of an effort, let’s get to the good part and discuss the accessories that will help charm your guests with your wonderful personality.

Necktie or Bow Tie? How About Both?

Handmade Black Satin Silk Self-Tied Batwing Bow Tie | Aklasu

No, we don’t mean wearing both at the same time. Although, we’d like to see if you can pull that off. How about wearing a necktie for the ceremony before changing into a black tux and bow tie for the evening reception.

For that personal touch, get custom-made ties for you and your groomsmen. Choose a colour that matches your wedding palette. Then pick a luxurious fabric (like grenadine silk) to elevate your neckwear to another level.

As for bow ties, transform into your partner’s James Bond for the evening reception. Keep it sleek and simple with a black batwing bow tie.

Read more on choosing the right bow tie here: The Essential Bow Tie for the Modern Gentleman.

What Does a Tie Bar Say About a Groom?

When you add a tie bar or a tie clip, it keeps a tie fixed and prevents it from swinging. It keeps a tie straight and creates a uniform polished look. Match it with other metals you’re wearing, like your belt, watch or cufflinks to create a cohesive ensemble.

Do keep in mind that tie bars damage ties (especially grenadines). It’s up to you to determine if the risk balances out the rewards. In the end, you may decide that less is more.

If you decide to wear a tie bar, make sure it’s positioned between the 3rd and 4th buttons of your shirt. Try to achieve a balance to reap the rewards of your chosen accessories.

A Pocket Square Adds to the Finish

A good quality pocket square that falls in line with the wedding’s colour scheme or theme is a great accessory. It doesn’t have much utility like cufflinks or a tie bar, but it can add a fine finishing touch to a groom’s outfit.

You can wear a classic and crisp white pocket square with a black tuxedo. Or for a more colourful option match the pocket square with the bridesmaid dress colour.

Cufflinks You Can Love for More than One Wedding

Any groom should consider wearing a beautiful pair of cufflinks. They look great and provide an elegant alternative to buttons. Cufflinks also give the groom another opportunity to subtly flex his personal style. And a good pair of wedding cufflinks also make for a great heirloom that you can pass to the next generation.

If you decide to wear cufflinks, make sure to match the cufflinks to the wedding. The cufflinks featuring pints of Guinness work for a casual wedding. Still, you should have classier cufflinks for a more formal wedding. It would be best if you also tried to match the metal on the cufflinks with any other metal you may be wearing - like a watch.

The Watch They Won’t See Until They See It

A watch will spend the majority of time hidden beneath long sleeves of a groom’s shirt and blazer. But when an elegant timepiece makes its appearance, it’s hard to ignore.

Like a few of the accessories we discussed earlier, it does more than help you look good. A beautiful watch will help you get to the ceremony and reception on time, and it can help you keep  track of the speeches and make sure they don’t run longer than planned.

A wedding should reflect you and your partner’s personality and taste. It’s your day, and it should tell your story. But just because you’re outgoing, doesn’t mean you need to have bold colours everywhere.

The rules of style still apply. In most cases, less is more. Choose specific pieces that hold meaning. The accessories are part of the whole. They should complement your outfit, not draw attention away from it.

Easier said than done. But I’m sure you’ll knock it out of the park. After all, you’re here reading this article.

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