The Essential Bow Tie for the Modern Gentleman

There's one bow tie that will always fit the occasion and never do you wrong. That's the black batwing bowtie.
Image Credit The Essential Bow Tie for the Modern Gentleman

Whether you’re ushering at your best friend’s wedding, running an important project, or spending the day in the city, your neck piece doesn't need to cause controversy. Too many men believe the biggest piece, loudest pattern or combination of the two will draw the most attention to their outfit and receive the most compliments. They’re half right: a big, bold bow tie may draw a viewer’s eye, but for all the wrong reasons.

To get the right kind of attention, you need the right bow tie. And no, you don't need to sift through a dozen bow ties to find the right one.

There's one bow tie that will always fit the occasion and never do you wrong. That's the black batwing bowtie.

What makes the black batwing bowtie an essential part of the modern gentleman's wardrobe? Let's find out.

Displays Class and Fearless Style with Self-Tie

Yes, you can get a black batwing bowtie that’s pre-tied or clipped on. They’re easier, but the truth in any circles of style is simple: pre-tied or clip-on is considered a faux pas. The wearer signals his carelessness, a lack of time spent on his appearance, and his inability to deal with a ‘proper’ tie.

A self-tie signals class, attention to detail, skill, and an eye for style. Furthermore, a self-tie bow tie is fitted precisely to the user’s dimensions, so it's always the most comfortable choice.

Handmade Black Satin Batwing Bow Tie

Simple and Modern Shape Will Never Lead You Astray

Just like the decision to self-tie, a bow tie's shape can say a lot about the wearer.

The ‘thistle’ type - a bulge in the fabric followed by a fluted end - will give you a butterfly finish, too often associated with circus clowns or seen atop a ruffled prom shirt.

Choose a batwing end instead. It offers a slim, understated finish, and a semi-formal vibe giving flexibility in application.

Thanks to its classic elegance and dapper style, the batwing isn’t a slave to the tide of fashion. A batwing's minimal, modern cut always looks just as at home in a cocktail bar, a business meeting, or at a formal function.

Clean Construction Where Form Meets Function

Exuding confidence with a self-tie and classic elegance with a batwing are key components to the modern gentleman's essential bow tie. However, another element may be more important than the first two: superior function.

Self-ties finished with chunky buttons or leaving excess fabric to hang will spoil the overall appearance, causing something sleek to look messy and poorly balanced.

To achieve superior function, a bow tie must adhere to the 'less is more' mantra.

Aklasu’s Black Batwing Bow Tie uses a die-cast slide adjuster, keeping the bow tie’s structure strong and svelte for gentlemen who need to modify their tie for a perfect fit. We’ve kept the slide adjuster neat and robust, using nickel plating and die-cast production for a smooth, singular piece

There's no need to overthink it. Keep your bow tie minimal and stay modern. You don't need a drawer full of bow ties of different patterns, shapes, and colours.

Trust a classic shape, have confidence in yourself and wear the bow tie that enhances the qualities you already possess.

Read more about our style motives and eye for design here.

Consider Aklasu's sleek and stylish batwing bow tie. Its simple elegance is perfect for whatever the day has to throw at you.