Bow Tie Pairings for Every Summer Wedding Occasion

When it comes to summer weddings, the common perception is that it’s okay to dress down. As a whole, they’ve taken on a reputation as more relaxed affairs. But that’s often not the case. Before you can iron out your look and choose the perfect bowtie, you need clarity on the dress code.

There are four possible dress codes that you could encounter for a summer wedding. The intended dress code should be listed on the invitation. If it’s not, reach out to the wedding party for clarification. This is an important note that you can’t afford to miss.

One dress code option is black tie. You have the least leeway here. If the wedding calls for black tie, your bowtie should indeed be black. For Formal or Black Tie Optional weddings, black bowties work best here as well. You can opt for a different colour like navy if you prefer. But the key is to stay conservative. Our Italian Made Black Satin Silk Batwing Bow Tie is the perfect option for these scenarios. Made from 100% Jacquard-woven silk, the true style move is in this tie’s elegance.

AKLASU Black Satin Silk Batwing Bow Tie

Semi-formal or Dressy Casual weddings open up some possibilities. For day weddings, opt for lightly coloured ties like pastel or powder blues. Subtle patterns are also appropriate. The Pinstriped Red Polka Dot Silk Batwing Bow Tie offers the best of both worlds. The red polka dots pinned against the dark blue silk add some great contrast to your wedding look without overpowering it.

AKLASU Pinstriped Red Polka Dot Silk Batwing Bow Tie

For evening semi-formal weddings, go dark. You don’t have to choose a black tie, but dark colours like navy, charcoal, or even burgundy are more appropriate for these occasions since they fall on the dressier side of semi-formal. Stripes and polka dots still work, too. The White Dotted Burgundy Silk Batwing Bowtie plays up casual fun with polka dots. But the deep burgundy hue offers a touch of elegance perfect for the evening.

AKLASU White Dotted Burgundy Silk Batwing Bow Tie

There’s no doubt that a bow tie is the ultimate accessory for summer weddings. But closely observe the dress code to make sure you find the perfect balance between the rules and your personal style.

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