8 Ties for a Grey Suit that Make Looking Polished Effortless

You know it should be easy to pick a tie for your grey suit—but sometimes it's not. Good thing you're here. Let's talk ties for a grey suit. We want you looking sharp, refined and ready to take on your day.
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You catch yourself in the bathroom mirror. There's something off about the tie for your grey suit. You can't put your finger on it, but you know you could've done better. A grey suit's versatility should make tie pairings a slam dunk—but they can get tricky. However, pairing can be effortless with the right ties for a grey suit.

Why don't you join us in looking at eight ties for grey suits that make you look like a polished gem wherever you go. But before we do that, we have to figure out where your tie pairings can go sideways.

Don't Let Your Tie Undermine Your Timeless Style

Stumbling with a tie pairing happens to the best of us. Here are a few reasons you're not hitting the mark. Avoid them, and you'll look sharp and sophisticated for whatever's on your calendar:

The Tie Design is at Max Volume - Loud designs draw the wrong kind of attention. Choose refined designs that pull an outfit together and make it whole.

The Tie's a House of Cards - Poor material and construction means your tie won't look right—no matter how you pair it. Make sure your ties are made with the best materials for a tie and a wool interlining so it always looks the way you want it to look.

Your Knot is Too Big - Or it isn't long enough or tight enough. The good news is that it's an easy fix! Get your tie etiquette right to maximize the stylish pairing you cook up.

Now that we have your tie in order, we can get to ties for a grey suit to take you from a rough gem to the most polished man in the room. We have eight ties to pair with your grey suit. There's a pairing for every occasion, so make sure you see them all.

Go On the Prowl in a Striped Tie

Just as patterns like windowpane or herringbone on your grey suit set you apart in the office, patterns on your tie will do the same. Reach for subtle patterns to set the tone for your outfit. Pair a striped tie with a light grey suit to create an eye-catching outfit that leaves the right impression. Discover the ways you can make an impression by downloading our eBook, Elements of Sophistication, and you’ll assemble timeless outfits for every day of the week.

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A Tie for a Grey Suit to Liven Up Your Wednesday

Burnt Orange Grenadine Tie with Grey Suit

Create a beautiful contrast with your light grey or charcoal suit and an orange tie. No, we're not talking about a tie that's the colour of your orange juice. We're leaning more towards a rich burnt orange.

Check out how Aklasu's Burnt Orange Grenadine Tie pairs with a grey suit. The gorgeous hue, alongside grenadine's refined texture, helps build a visually appealing look that'll turn heads (for the right reasons, of course).

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The Tie Pairing that's Built for the Corner Office

Green and Navy Houndstooth Six-Fold Tie paired with a light blue shirt and grey suit

Radiate confidence in your medium grey suit and Aklasu's Green and Navy Houndstooth Six-Fold Tie. The houndstooth pattern perfectly balances understatement and opulence, signalling your ascent up the corporate ladder.

The alluring pattern makes the outfit fresh without sacrificing formality. No need to thank us. Just think of us while you enjoy the view from your corner office.

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Friday Flex Your Style in the Office

Light Brown and French Blue Block Striped Grenadine Tie paired with a grey suit

For Fridays, when you have space for creativity and panache, add some Italian flavour to your wardrobe with separates—or spezzato. Pair a grey jacket from one suit with navy blue or brown trousers from another set. Create fresh looks from your foundational items using the stylish strategy that makes your officemates think of drinking espressos in a piazza.

Wear your grey jacket with a dress shirt and the Light Brown & French Blue Block Striped Grenadine Tie to make looking polished in a tie effortless. Then, end the week with a delicious negroni to celebrate a job well done.

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Sleek and Smooth in Black Grenadine for Your Formal Events

Black Grenadine Tie Paired with Charcoal Grey Suit

With grey suits, the darker the shade, the more formal the suit. A dark charcoal grey suit is an excellent shade for the office or your formal events. But what tie do you pair with it?

Go with a smooth Black Grenadine Tie for your formal events. The garza fina weave makes it resilient, so you can enjoy it for weddings, fundraising galas and nights at the theatre for decades. Speaking of weddings...

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A Regal and Refined Tie for a Grey Suit

Glen Plaid Six-Fold Tie Paired with a Grey Suit

Leave a royal impression at the next wedding you attend with Aklasu's Black & White Glen Plaid Tie and a grey suit. Pair it with a light, medium, or dark grey suit, depending on the wedding dress code, and you're good to go.

But don't think this tie for a grey suit is just for weddings. The tie's refined design works well with grey tones and soft blues, making it a versatile piece you can wear to the office to create an air of regal refinement.

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Embody New York Cool on a Night Out

Navy and Steel Blue Block Striped Grenadine Tie with grey suit

Versatility immediately comes to mind when we think of a grey suit. So, it's only fitting to pair it with an equally versatile tie. The INTRO Navy and Steel Blue Block Striped Grenadine Tie has elegant simplicity and versatility running through its DNA.

Whether you have a formal event with your charcoal grey suit or a more laid back night out in light grey planned, the INTRO tie adds timeless style, polish and a New York cool with every stitch.

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The Suave. The Iconic. The Cary Grant.

Cary Grant in a Grey Suit and Grey Tie in the movie North By Northwest

You don't get much more iconic looks in grey suits than Cary Grant in North by Northwest. The mid-grey suit paired with a grey tie creates a suave and sophisticated outfit that's as stylish today as it was sixty years ago. So, how can you emulate this iconic look?

First, get yourself a grey suit that perfectly fits your frame. We can't all have Cary Grant's lean silhouette, but a suit tailored to your body will still look fantastic. For the white dress shirt, choose high-quality cotton with a point collar (again, fit is key). Finally, complete Roger Thornhill's look with a grey tie. Choose grenadine silk, and you'll add a visually arresting texture to go with your timeless monochromatic look.

Well, there you have it. Eight ties for grey suits to make you look like the polished gem that you are. Now that your grey suit is covered, it's time to get the ties for your navy suit in order. Read Good to Great: 6 Ways to Elevate a Navy Blue Suit with a Tie.

Ties for your grey suit that turn you into a polished gem.