Good to Great: 6 Ways to Elevate a Navy Blue Suit with a Tie

Transform your navy blue suit from good to great with our expert tips on elevating your look with the perfect tie. Discover six ways to enhance your suit's style and make a memorable impression.
Image CreditGood to Great: 6 Ways to Elevate a Navy Blue Suit with a Tie

A navy suit isn't just a staple. It's essential in every modern gentleman's wardrobe. As great as the navy suit is, it's just a suit until you add a great tie. A navy blue suit with a tie should make you confident in your appearance.

You can't walk into a big client meeting not feeling like your best. You don't want to enter the reception looking like you picked your tie in the dark.

Make pairing your navy blue suit with a tie effortless. Take a look at these combinations to craft winning looks every time you step out the door.

We'll serve up six ways to wear a navy blue suit with a tie you should try. Plus, we'll show you one to avoid. That's enough of a setup. Let's get to the good stuff.

You Can't Go Wrong with a Classic

Create a monochromatic look with your navy suit, tie, and light blue dress shirt. The combination veers far from ordinary if you get the details right. First, ensure your dress shirt is made from fine material like organic cotton. Next, don't just wear any navy tie—go with a grenadine.

The grenadine's rich (but understated) texture will give your outfit depth and visual interest. If you don't want to wear a solid navy grenadine, double down on the classic colour with this tonal-striped navy grenadine with two shades of navy.

Whether you take the striped or solid route, you can't go wrong leaning on this classic combination.

Give Your Navy Suit Some Juice

Blue and orange complement each other. They create a sharp contrast that will make your outfit really pop. Punch up your navy suit with an orange tie. But don't use a shade of orange that resembles a pumpkin.

Reach for a darker shade of orange with a reddish hue. Burnt orange fits the bill with its refined shade of orange. The touch of red tones down the brightness to give your navy suit a sophisticated and eye-catching element that elevates your level of refinement.

A Rich and Luxurious Way to Wear Your Navy Blue Suit with a Tie

Unlock a refined outfit that combines a navy blue suit with a tie by adding a rich burgundy grenadine. The colour's depth and the grenadine's texture perfectly complement your navy suit, whether you're attending a wedding or closing a deal with a client.

Navy Suit and Black Tie for Your Evening Events

If you have an invite to a formal evening event that doesn't quite call for a bowtie, reach for a black grenadine tie. It looks great with a light blue or white dress shirt. Plus, the black grenadine elevates a navy blue suit to match your event. It sounds simple, but we don't believe being stylish needs to be complicated.

Stylish and Sophisticated in Stripes

Wearing a striped tie with your navy suit adds stylish visual interest to your outfit. The navy suit's versatility and timeless nature give you more latitude with your tie. Add some punch to your outfit with a striped tie. However, if you wear another striped element, like a dress shirt, remember these two rules:

  • Don't wear two elements with stripes that go in the same direction
  • Don't wear two elements with stripes that are the same width and distance apart

Polished with Personality in Patterns

A patterned tie can add a dash of personality to your navy suit. An understated polka dot tie brings an element of fun without surrendering sophistication. A glen plaid tie summons images of royalty and tradition.

Find a pattern and a tie that speaks to your personality. The connection elevates your style by allowing your personality to shine through. But don't get carried away. Make sure you follow our next tip to create timeless and stylish ways to wear a navy blue suit with a tie.

Designs and Patterns You Must Avoid

Some designs catch the eye. Others will leave a lasting impression. But will it leave the right impression? Ducks on a tie are memorable, but is that how you want others to remember you?

Animal designs or paisley are eye-catching–but for the wrong reasons. We suggest a more timeless and understated route when you wear a navy blue suit with a tie.

Find inspiration in the pairings we talked about, and you're on your way to being the most polished man in the room.

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