The Power of a Good Knot: The Best Way to Wear a Tie

Unlock the power of a good knot and elevate your tie game with the best techniques for wearing a tie. Discover the art of tying the perfect knot, whether it's the classic Windsor, sophisticated Half-Windsor, or sleek Four-in-Hand
Image CreditStephan Winkelmann CEO of Lamborghini

It's unique. And it's certainly eye-catching. But the Eldredge Knot takes fifteen (!) steps to tie. The equally memorable Trinity Knot and its three-folded appearance take thirteen steps to tie. That can't be the best way to wear a tie. Who has the time?

There has to be a simpler knot, right? Well, the Simple Knot (also called the Oriental or the Kent Knot) requires few steps. It's a way to wear a tie that's functional and compact. It's fine. But we know you can do better than "fine."

The Windsor knot offers another alternative. It's classic, triangular and symmetrical. It's a formal knot that's great for the officeexcept you don't always want to look like you're going to the office.

So what's the best way to wear a tie? How do you look like a polished gem and get to places on time without looking like a Dad from the 1980s?

We'll show you the elements of a good knot, the best way to wear a tie, and the knot that checks all of our boxes. Let's get into some tips you should consider when you choose a knot.

Your Tie's Knot Shouldn't Upstage You

The knot you wear impacts your overall lookregardless of the tie. Your knot shouldn't upstage you. People should see younot your tie. Keep your knot simple.

Complex knots like the Eldredge and Trinity are flashy and flamboyant. They risk upstaging the person who wears them. People end up remembering the knot and forgetting the most important part, you.

Plus, these adventurous knots don't offer much versatility. We don't recommend wearing it, or other similar knots, ever. It's so loud no one will hear what you're saying.

The classic Windsor knot is less distracting, but...

The Knot Should Have Space to Operate

The Windsor works for sending a professional message at the office. It's what people expect a tie to look like. But its size makes it difficult to create balanced proportions.

You should always be aware of the space between your collar tips and the edge of your knot. It's a small detail, but balanced proportions contribute to your overall look. You can look cartoonish when your proportions are out of sorts. The large Windsor knot can crowd your collar and create odd-looking proportions.

Part of mastering timeless style is knowing how to balance proportions. It's the small details that help you look better than the guy next to you.

Your Tie's Knot Should Sport a Dimple

Nailing the little details sends a message that "style and polish are never too much work." Creating a "dimple" with your tie's knot is one of those details you can add to your look.

The 'dimple,' or the small fold beneath the knot of a tie, is a small yet stylish detail that provides additional visual interest that transforms your tie.

When tied correctly, Aklasu's go-to knot, the Four-in-Hand, creates this subtle but charming detail. And it checks off our other essential knot criteria.

The Best Way to Wear a Tie: The Four-in-Hand Knot

We love the Four-In-Hand knot for its simplicity and asymmetry. It's easy to tie without looking simple. Its classic and slender appearance makes it our go-to knot. The Four-in-Hand knot's versatility means you can wear it to the office and then to the bar for drinks after work.

We love the Four-in-Hand for its ability to add clean long lines to an outfit. It's complementary. It's not the centrepiece. It makes your tie one element that makes your outfit whole.

It's not distracting. Its slender shape creates enough space between it and the tip of your collar so you can create balanced proportions. And it makes that elegant little dimple that's going to elevate your style.

More importantly, the Four-in-Hand crafts a message that's subtle, polished and sophisticated. And that's why we believe it's the best way to wear a tie.

Forget the "Power Tie"

So many of us have been taught wrong. We learned that bold ties in large knots symbolize power. But power and confidence don't come from a "power tie."

True power doesn't need to be flashy. It comes from how you carry yourself. And how you choose to present yourself to the world.

You have a lot of choices with ways to wear a tie. But it's important to remember that it's one element of your outfit.

There's power in assembling a sophisticated outfit. Put together a navy suit, crisp white shirt, polished shoes and an understated tie in a Four-in-Hand knot, and you create an aura of confidence.

People notice younot just your knot. The most powerful statement is understatement when you're doing business at the office or hitting the dance floor at a wedding.

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