Green Ties, Pants, Jackets and Ways to Wear Green

Discover stylish ways to incorporate green attire into your wardrobe with our guide on wearing green ties, pants, and jackets. Explore the versatility of this vibrant color and learn how to create fashionable and eye-catching outfits.
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He deserves some credit. His emerald green suit definitely caught your eye. But not for the right reasons. He gets an "A" for effort, but his execution could have been better. His green suit could have been more debonair and stylish, and less St. Patrick's Day leprechaun.

You, on the other hand, look great in your navy blue suit.

But a part of you thinks you could have done better. And you believe green may be the colour to take your style game up a few notches.

Wearing green isn't all or nothing. You can achieve a middle ground to help you gain distinction without encroaching on gaudy.

We're here to help you stick the landing and make green that element of your outfit that helps you make a lasting impression.

Let's talk about green ties, pants, jackets, and how you can wear green without looking like a Halloween costume.

But first, let me ask you a question.

What comes to mind when you think of the colour "green?"

We mentioned emerald green earlier to describe an over-the-top suit. It's a bright hue of green that works much better in small doses (like this emerald green tie). There's also a camouflage green that’s perfect when you're trying to ambush the enemy in the jungle.

There are so many shades of green that you can wear! But only a few that you should wear. Let's highlight three shades of green you should have in your closet.

Forest Green

Forest green's dark hue and richness can bring sophistication to any outfit. It looks great as a blazer or knitwear. For a subtler touch, conjure images of tall trees and nature with accents and accessories like pocket squares or Aklasu's forest green grenadine tie.

Sage Green

Wearing any shade of green will bring nature to mind. Sage green is no exception. Its light hue makes it appropriate for spring and summer. The earthy tone also makes it available in the fall, where you can contrast it with the season's browns and greys.

Olive Green

Finally, there's olive green. Darker than sage, but lighter than forest, olive green has a lush and elegant tone perfect for the fall and winter. A pair of olive chinos look great with a camel coat or navy jacket. It's a versatile colour that's easy to pair and looks fantastic as a coat, trousers, or socks.

But what green pieces should populate your wardrobe? Keep reading to find out.

Ease into it with a green tie and a pocket square or…

Go for it.

Suits, Jackets and Outerwear

A bright green suit screams party, but that's the problem—it "screams." An earthy, rich tone of green like olive or forest green, makes people notice your suit for its charming subtlety. The suit is bold because it's green, but it's tasteful thanks to its sophisticated shade of green.

If you want to take it another level, use texture. An olive or forest green tweed jacket has the versatility to pair with chinos or dark wash jeans for a smart casual look that you can wear to the office or for nights out.

Green For Your Casual Outfits

For more casual uses of green, you can't go wrong with a green field jacket. Knitwear in the shades of green we discussed also deserves a place in your wardrobe. And the brown tones of olive chinos provide depth and versatility that allows you to combine it with other colours.

Green Ties and Other Accessories

Don't be mistaken. Green accessories are the best way to ease the colour into your everyday attire. You can even wear bright emerald green in the form of cufflinks if the mood strikes you.

But for other accessories, it's best to stick with sage, olive and forest green. Ties, pocket squares, socks and scarves can provide an eye-catching element to any outfit. For a visually exciting use of green, take a closer look at Aklasu's white-striped emerald green six-fold tie. It's a great example of how a complementary colour enhances a tasteful shade of green.

This takes us to the next part of our discussion.

Which colours should you wear to complement green?

A green monochromatic outfit can look great if you know what you're doing. If you don't, it'll make you look like you're searching for a pot of gold.

A forest green suit in tweed paired with a white dress shirt and forest green tie can provide an alternative to the grey, and navy blue everyone's used to. But there's no better way to flex your style than mixing in some amazing colours that make green really pop.

Green and Blue


Green's warmer tone combines well with a cool blue shade. But try to create contrast with your combinations. Add lush colour and texture to your navy blue suit with a forest green grenadine tie. Or dazzle everyone around you with a pair of gold and emerald green cufflinks.

Green and Brown

Combining two earthy tones like green and brown can bring warmth in the fall and winter. Wear olive chinos and a camel coat, or reverse it with khaki pants and a green blazer. Grab these olive green socks to wear with brown trousers, and you’ll have a subtle (and comfortable) way to wield this colour combination.

Green and Grey

It sounds dubious, but hear us out.

Green and grey will work only if you have the right pieces. A solid or herringbone grey suit wonderfully frames a forest green tie for a spring garden wedding.

The combinations are plentiful when you have the essential pieces and know the right shades of green to wear. All that's left is to change it up and know that you look great (and not like a leprechaun) in your green outfit.

Read more about pulling off other colours like dusty blue, sky blue, and orange in our Journal.

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