Better than Okay: Ways to Make a Sky Blue Tie Part of a Dynamite Outfit

Wearing a sky blue tie gives an outfit lightness and vibrance. And this liveliness can give you an extra jump in your step. Follow a few fundamental principles and find ways to use sky blue to break free from the crowd.
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A black tux and bow tie oozes masculinity. Every man looks great in a dark suit, white shirt, and navy blue tie. But it takes a level of confidence, craft, and expertise to weave colour into outfits.

There are few colours as timeless and versatile as sky blue. A sky blue dress shirt is a staple. Light blue denim is great for spring and summer. But one of the best ways to integrate sky blue into your outfits all year long is by using a timeless and classic sky blue tie.

Sure, you can throw one on, and it'll look fine. But who wants to look "okay?"

Let's aim higher than "okay," shall we? Stick around, and we'll talk about two principles that can make a sky blue tie part of a dynamite look.

Layer Different Shades of Blue to Build Richness

Create an outfit that's bold and rich through tonal layering. Also, sometimes called monochromatic dressing, tonal layering uses different shades and textures of the same colour throughout an outfit.

Mixing dark and light tones of the same hue is a powerful way to wield colour. As bold as it is, there's also a subtlety to wearing pieces of the same colour. No one piece stands out. The outfit as a whole commands attention.

Take, for example, a staple in every modern gentleman's wardrobe: the navy suit. It's great, but it's a staple in every gentleman's wardrobe. It takes a little extra to stand out in a navy suit. Sure, you can throw on any pocket square and tie, and you'll be perfectly respectable.

But put a small amount of thought and effort, and use tonal layering to bring out the blues throughout your whole outfit. Grab a light-blue dress shirt, a sky blue tie, and a French blue pocket square to look like the thoughtful and detail-oriented man that you are.

Harmoniously Contrast Your Sky Blue Tie

A monochromatic outfit with sky blue is visually striking, but there's another way to use sky blue to stand out. Creating contrast will undoubtedly get you noticed - but you must make sure it's for the right reasons. Anyone can create contrast with their clothes. The tricky part is creating contrast with colours that harmonize.

Create contrast with a sky blue tie using either a subdued colour or a bold colour. Wear a neutral coloured suit like charcoal or grey, or cream with your sky blue tie for a light and airy quality to your outfit.

Or be a little daring. Create contrast with a bold colour. Sky blue looks particularly striking and sophisticated when paired with burgundy. Wear a sky blue tie with a luxurious burgundy suit. Or for a lighter touch, pair a sky blue tie with a burgundy pocket square while wearing a grey suit.

Picking the Perfect Sky Blue Tie

Creating contrast and tonal layering are great strategies to create a fantastic look with a sky blue tie. But those strategies will get lost if you don't choose the right tie.

A textured sky blue tie is perfect for casual occasions. To announce that you're a man who appreciates the finer things in life, pick up Aklasu’s sky blue grenadine tie. Thanks to its luxurious texture, it won't be overshadowed by a vibrant burgundy suit. A sky blue grenadine tie's subtle sophistication matches perfectly with a navy blue suit or a light summer suit.

The grenadine tie's timeless design paired with the elegant simplicity of sky blue makes it a versatile and essential part of every gentleman's wardrobe.

Learn more about the signs of quality when you buy a tie and read: Anatomy of a Tie: How to Buy a Better Tie.

Alright, you've picked the right sky blue tie, and you have the right shirt and suit combination; that's it, right? Not quite.

Go Asymmetrical

There's one more thing we want to share with you: the perfect knot.

Read about our signature knot - the Four-in-Hand. It's our go-to knot for any collar. It's simple and asymmetrical for that extra detail that adds a little je ne sais quoi to your outfit.

Ok, that's really it. Use these creative ways to wear a sky blue tie and break away from the crowd. It's not always easy to incorporate colour into your outfit. But when you do, you never regret it - especially if you do it the right way.

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