Sky Blue Grenadine Tie

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Grenadine ties are classic, timeless, an essential of any wardrobe. With their refined texture and understated colours, these ties possess an elegant simplicity and versatility which make them a choice complement to any number of shirts and suits. The Sky Blue Grenadine Tie is a particularly soft, powdery shade of blue that pairs excellently with a light summer suit. Each tie is handmade and is composed of 100% silk from Como, Italy.


7.6 x 148/150cm
3 x 58 ⅜"
Because our ties are handcrafted, the width may vary between 0.125" to 0.25" from the stated width above.

Design & Care

  • Solid
  • Grenadine
  • Jacquard
  • 100% Silk from Como, Italy
  • Dry Clean
  • Handmade in Italy
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Customer Reviews

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Versatility & Pairing Guide

Versatility & Pairings

Becareful with this one. True, it's not a risky colour however it can overpower your look. I would recommend wearing it against a light coloured or pattenered shirt. White shirt would of course work too. Play with a thinly striped white and blue shirt.

Bold & Versatile Defined

BoldA 'bold' tie is one that attracts a lot of attention and is more of a challenge to pair. A bold tie may require louder pieces to balance its dominant visual weight. If you don't subdue this type of tie, you're likely to be upstaged by it. Also, because it is very dominant, you're likely only to wear it a handful of times.

Versatile A 'versatile' tie is one that you can easily pair and can be worn for many occasions. We believe every man should have at least one highly versatile tie in their wardrobe, but it is also important to incorporate some 'middle of the range' ties for those special occasions where you must communicate a deliberate and effective message.

Get the most out of your tie.

Our collective obsession with creating products that are made to last is personifed in our packaging solution, which we call The Canister®. Its dual purpose ensures that your shipment arrives intact and that your tie is well protected when not in use – ensuring the longevity of your ties.

Made The Old Fashioned Way

Painstakingly handmade by a family of artisans in the beautiful city of Como, Italy.

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