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Burgundy Tie

Handcrafted in Italy with Italian Silk
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A Burgundy Tie is an essential item in any discerning man's wardrobe. It’s the sartorial equivalent of mulled wine, adding a welcome warmth to any outfit.
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Burgundy Tie, $80

This Burgundy tie is the perfect pairing with a blue suit and white shirt. It offers exquisite visual interest with a rich burgundy colour. Each tie is handmade and is composed of 100% silk from Como, Italy. We use wool interlining in our ties so you always have excellent drape and breathtaking knots. The intricate weave design is called Grenadine.

Grenadine ties are classic, timeless, an essential of any wardrobe. With their refined texture and understated colours, these ties possess an elegant simplicity and versatility which make them a choice complement to any number of shirts and suits.

The exquisite Grenadine design gives the burgundy tie and ultimately you, great visual interest and makes what would be a common-place tie a thing of beauty.

  • Solid
  • Grenadine Fina
  • Jacquard
  • 100% Silk from Como, Italy
  • Dry Clean
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Woven by Fermo Fossati/Seterie Bianchi
  • 28MM Silk
  • 14MM Silk Tipping
  • Wool Interlining
  • Ideal Width
    Not too skinny not too wide.
  • 100% Como Silk
    Experience the soft, lightweight natural fabric for years to come.
  • Grenadine Weave
    A prestigious weave others will admire.
  • Wool Interlining
    Enjoy beautiful dimpled knots and wrinkle-free ties everyday.
  • Slip-Stitch
    Thread running the length of the tie so it always looks like it should after every use.
  • Bar Tack
    A heavy handmade stitch that reinforces the slip stitch, so your tie looks great day-in, day-out.
  • Self-Loop Keeper
    Hand-stitched and made with the same quality fabric as the tie.