Spice Up Your Essential Suit: A Burgundy Tie for Navy Blue Suit

A burgundy tie and navy suit belong together. Bring out the best of this elegant and luxurious combination to elevate the essential navy blue suit.
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The waiting can be unbearable. But you're prepared. You've done your homework and reviewed interview questions. And you're wearing a classic combination: a burgundy tie and a navy suit.

Others have likely worn their own navy blue suit to the interview - including a candidate you passed in the elevator. But you've added some personal touches to your interview outfit.

You didn't take the safe route with your outfit choices, so you feel more like yourself. Not just comfortable but confident and ready to tackle your interview.

It wasn't easy. There are a lot of great options that make a navy blue suit even better. But you've thought about it and assembled an outfit using principles that elevate the classic navy blue suit.

Like Wearing Fine Wine: Burgundy Tie for Navy Blue Suit

The right tie can unlock a great outfit centred around a navy blue suit. Orange and blue complement each other well - as long as it's a tasteful shade of the bold colour.

If orange isn't your cup of tea, a luxurious burgundy tie with a navy suit could be the tie for you. The dark shade of red like mulled wine offers a refined look for job interviews, weddings, or the big meeting to land a client.

Choosing the right tie doesn't just mean choosing the right colour. It means choosing the right fabric too. A silk grenadine tie offers a beautiful detail that invites people to take a second glance. Its beauty is in its subtlety.

A burgundy grenadine tie can be part of your outfit that exudes sophistication and attention to detail.

But all these benefits can get lost if you don't choose the right shirt.

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The Dress Shirt: Picking the Perfect Colour, Pattern and Texture

Texture is a significant element that you can use to liven up any outfit. The burgundy tie and navy suit need a shirt that fits seamlessly alongside them.

Navy blue is such a timeless suit that you don't want to veer too far from that classic aesthetic. A freshly pressed white shirt creates a time-honoured look with your navy blue suit. A light blue shirt will also work, but if you want to add another detail other than colour, use texture.

You usually want to avoid layering texture or pattern over another texture and pattern. However, it works if you use a subtle texture like herringbone and grenadine.

The perfect shirt and tie are critical components to elevating a navy blue suit. Selecting a white herringbone dress shirt creates another layer of intrigue in an outfit. But there are a few other details you can adjust or add to take it up even another level.

Belt, Watch and Other Accessories

Some men like using tie bars to keep their ties in place. We find it can damage an elegant tie, so we prefer to use other accessories to pull an outfit together.

A burgundy tie with a navy suit and a white shirt looks great with a gold or pale blue pocket square. When in doubt, go with the tried-and-true white pocket square in a TV Fold. The pocket square shouldn't match your shirt and tie completely. The pocket square should complement other pieces of your outfit.

I don't know about you, but my outfits never feel complete without a belt. Match your watch strap to the belt for that extra detail of class; that's just for you. For your navy blue suit, choose a brown belt that matches your shoes.

Speaking of shoes, what shoes should you wear with your navy suit? Glad you asked.

Shoe Type and Colour to Polish Off Your Look

Brogues or double monk strap shoes have additional features that can catch the eye. We prefer the classic shape and elegant simplicity of an oxford shoe, but all three will serve you well as long as you wear the right shade. There's nothing wrong with well-polished black shoes, but we love the way brown fits together with a navy blue suit.

If you own just one brown shoe, choose a medium brown shade. Copper or cognac look professional for the office and fashionable for a night out.

Light brown is great for spring and summer days. Dark chocolate brown shoes may give a sleeker vibe. But medium brown shoes offer the best of both worlds. They're versatile enough to wear all year long.

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One Last Thing, Socks: The Unsung Hero

A timeless suit, the perfect shirt, a great tie, and beautiful shoes can take you from the meeting room to celebratory drinks. But you can't overlook the importance of great socks.

The right pair of socks keep your feet warm when it's cold and fresh when it's not. They protect your feet and add a dash of fun to your outfit.

Spend a little extra and opt for soft, breathable materials like Egyptian cotton or Merino wool. They cost more than department store socks made of synthetic fabrics, but they're worth it.

As for colour, we suggest the same approach as your tie. Nothing too bright or garish. Stay close to muted tones and tasteful patterns that won't overshadow a classic aesthetic. If you don’t want to overthink it, wear socks that are close in colour to your trousers.

There you have it. A head to toe guide to spicing up the essential suit in every modern gentleman's closet. A burgundy tie and navy suit can get you started, but the finer details can help you put the finishing touches that elevate your confidence and show the world you're a force inside and out.

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