Dusty Blue Tie: Make the Sophisticated Shade of Blue Your Summer Colour

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You can't blame them. Everyone should enjoy the park today. It's the first sign of warmer weather, and people want to feel the sun on their faces.

Even though the wind carries a chill, people wear shorts and tank tops, trying to will the warm weather to bring its full force. Ladies lounge in yellows, oranges, and floral prints. Most of the gentlemen are not as bold, but one or two have stood out wearing a greyish blue that's light, sophisticated and elegant.

What is this colour? It's dusty blue.

You've probably seen the colour. Maybe in a crisp shirt, a dashing suit, or a dusty blue tie. Now is the time to take a closer look and see why it's the colour you need to add to your summer wardrobe.

Getting to Know Dusty Blue

Mix a little grey with blue, and you get dusty blue. It projects a steely resolve in the boardroom, or give off a cool laissez-faire attitude while you're out and about.

Its understated colour and neutral tone create a perfect pairing with the black, navy, and white elements of your wardrobe. Dusty blue has a subtle and timeless nature that makes it versatile enough to wear in a variety of settings.

No matter how you choose to wear dusty blue, it emanates sophistication and elegance.

Let's not end our conversation here. Why don’t we discuss ways you can add dusty blue elements to your arsenal?

Dressed Up and Debonaire in a Dusty Blue Tie, Suit, or Shirt

A suit in a light shade of blue like dusty blue is great to have in your closet for those formal outdoor weddings and parties. Wear a white shirt and light brown shoes, and you have a classic outfit that stands out for all the right reasons.

Besides wearing a full-on suit, dusty blue also works well as a dress shirt. You can put together a seriously stylish look in seconds by pairing a dusty blue dress shirt with a beige or grey suit.

For an outfit that you can wear in the office, dusty blue combines well with the classic navy suit. Wear the airy colour in your shirt or in your accessories. A dress shirt in the greyish blue colour offers a change of pace from the usual white.

During occasions when you want to wear a tie to bring an outfit together to make the right impression, grab a dusty blue grenadine tie. The understated greyish tone complements the exquisite grenadine weave.

Cool, Casual and Dapper in Dusty Blue

Not all occasions call for a dusty blue tie. But no matter your destination, dusty blue offers a breath of fresh air to formal outfits, or it can elevate your off-duty look with its refined colour and delicate sophistication.

Fine-fitting pair of khaki or white chinos and a dusty blue polo or t-shirt is an easy to assemble outfit for the summer. Finish off the look with brown loafers or white sneakers, and you're ready for drinks on the patio or a picnic at the park.

Light denim and a dusty blue top combine well for your off duty days. Layer on a navy summer windbreaker or light cardigan for a striking monochromatic look that looks refined yet effortless at the same time.

Relaxed and refined, dusty blue presents a wide assortment of opportunities to add colour, sophistication and personality to any occasion. Create a laid back and carefree look for your formal events. Or add a touch of polish and fashionable flair to your casual outfits.

Whether it’s a dusty blue tie, a shirt, shorts, or trousers, this eye-catching shade of blue will elevate your outfit of the day.

Well, there's nothing left to do now than to get out there and enjoy the beautiful weather.

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