Bond's Best Outfits When the Temperatures Dip Below 007

Explore Bond's most stylish cold-weather outfits as we delve into 007's style guide for chilly days. From tailored coats to cozy sweaters, discover how the iconic spy remains impeccably fashionable even when the temperatures dip
Image CreditDaniel Craig in Spectre

Looking sophisticated in winter clothing can feel like getting chased down ski slopes by helicopters and henchmen. It's challenging to say the least. So what better person to get winter-style inspiration from than someone with experience at looking great while dodging bullets?

James Bond's winter style is a treasure trove of inspiration for those cool crisp days. Let's sneak a peek at some of Bond's best winter outfits you can emulate when the chilly temperatures take over the world.

A Winter Coat When You're in a War Against the Cold


Bond's peacoat in Skyfall brought Royal Navy officer Commander Bond into the fray in Shanghai. He slips by in disguise, thanks to his sleek style and smooth moves. Bond's peacoat features details like leather trim and peaked lapels, giving it that extra level of polish.

Traditionally worn by sailors to protect them from icy ocean air, the double-breasted peacoat is less formal than the full-length overcoat giving it the versatility you'll appreciate in the colder months.

The heavy wool and pockets make the peacoat a practical weapon against the cold (or a well-trained mercenary). Some peacoats fit loose to allow for layering, while others fit closer to the body. It's your mission to find the peacoat that's the right fit for your body.

Rugged but Refined in Snowy Weather


You may not meet your nemesis in Altaussee anytime soon (we hope), but this outfit should get your wheels turning. It's Bond's rugged but refined outfit in Spectre. It works as a whole because there isn't one element that screams at you.

The waist-length navy coat stands out but doesn't overpower the outfit. The bomber-like jacket is also a practical way to keep out the cold. Worn with the turtleneck and ski hat (that's a toque to us Canadians), it's an outfit where form meets function.

In the cold winter weather, you can't sacrifice warmth for style. But with the right pieces and mindset, you won't have to.

Stay Warm (but Look Cool) Like Connery


When the temperature starts to dip, lightweight suits won't cut it. Take a page from Sean Connery in Thunderball and wear a flannel suit. From Cary Grant to Fred Astaire and Connery's Bond, the grey flannel suit is excellent to have at your disposal in the fall and winter.

The heavy fabric gives the suit a sense of ruggedness without sacrificing sophistication. Bond's mid-grey flannel three-piece suit is cut masterfully for Connery's frame. The two-button jacket with narrow lapels gives the suit a refined and streamlined look that makes the overall look less bulky, despite the heavy material.

Pair the grey flannel suit with a light blue dress shirt and a navy grenadine, and you're ready to take on days in the office or Emilio Largo.

Just keep an eye on your office thermostat. The flannel suit looks great and keeps you warm with a scarf as you walk for a coffee on a crisp fall day. But it can cause you to overheat in a warm office.

Refined for Recreation

The World is Not Enough

You can count on Bond films to give us a thrilling ski chase scene every few years. And with every snowy action sequence, we get a taste of Bond's recreational winter style.

Bond's ski outfits aren't always on target. Roger Moore's puffy all-white ski wear in A View to a Kill should probably stay in the 80s where it belongs. George Lazenby's royal blue ski suit in On Her Majesty's Secret Service reflected the mod style of the 60s.

James Bond's ski wear has evolved with the times. We like the look of Daniel Craig's Bond in a nylon-front blouson and ski trousers in Spectre (although he doesn't actually do any skiing). But for inspiration, we'll look to Pierce Brosnan in The World is Not Enough.

Brosnan's dark olive ski jumpsuit is a practical entry into Bond's ski outfit archives. It even comes with an inflatable protective bubble in case of an avalanche. We like that it's not overly bulky or loud. It's a great suit that looks good and stays aerodynamic so he can keep up with Sophie Marceau.

Bond doesn't always hit the mark with his winter outfits. But the ones that do, have something in common. They're outfits that bring together form and function. They don't sacrifice warmth for style, or vice versa. Remember that when you put together your cold-weather wardrobe.

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