Striped Ties, Shirts and Suits: How to Wear Stripes with the Confidence of a Champ

Striped ties, shirts and other elements elevate your everyday outfits. Gain the confidence to wear stripes by learning the rules you need to follow so you don't look like a cartoon character.

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Boy, do those pinstripes look good. Even die-hard Red Sox fans will admit the Yankees have one of the best uniforms in all of sports. We’re not saying their gameday looks led to twenty-seven World Series titles. But as the great Deion Sanders once said, “Look good, feel good, play good.”

Part of looking good is taking your style to another level by incorporating interesting patterns like stripes into your everyday wardrobe.

We can’t all dress like the Yankees. But we can wear stripes in ways that create interesting outfits. All we have to do is follow a few basic rules on wearing stripes.

Failure to follow these rules can create an eyesore of an outfit. Let’s avoid that, shall we? Go from a rough gem to the most polished man in the room and learn to wear stripes confidently.

Starting with the first rule: Use what’s already in your closet.

Create Balance with Your Solid Colours

Patterns can look great visually and add interest to any outfit. They work in formal outfits and elevate smart casual outfits all the same. But patterns also create chaos. Stripes are no exception. You have to create order and achieve balance when using patterns in your outfit. The best way to do that is to use solid colours to complement your pattern.

Wear a classic Breton shirt with chinos in the summertime for a timeless look that’s sure to turn heads. Or use stripes to spice up the closet staples you wear to the office.

Your navy blue suit is a workhorse. And it deserves to be. The classic colour makes it an essential part of the modern man’s wardrobe. But it needs spicing up. Either through interesting colours like burgundy or patterns like stripes.

Wear a pinstripe dress shirt with your navy blue suit. Or go with a solid white dress shirt and a striped tie. Imagine walking into the office in your navy blue suit and this maroon grenadine tonal striped tie. The subtle stripes make an impression without overpowering your overall look.

The monochromatic stripes look sleek and cool but don’t be afraid to use coloured stripes for a more dramatic statement. Just make sure you follow our next piece of advice.

After The Suit

Stop. Look in the Mirror. Did You Overdo It?

Infusing colour into your striped outfit adds a kick. Bright blues or deep reds on a white background creates visual interest in an outfit, but it’s important not to overdo it. Stripes in bright hues might sound fun and daring, but they can be overwhelming. It can lead to a situation where it’s the colours people see, not you.

Like a lot of patterns, a little goes a long way. Use restraint when it comes to colours and the number of striped pieces you use on an outfit.

One too many patterns will make you look ostentatious, not polished. Multiple statement pieces can make you look ridiculous if you don’t put them together properly. Keep reading to learn how to integrate multiple striped elements into your outfit.

Stripes on Stripes: You Can Do It!

You can layer stripes in interesting ways. They add depth to an outfit and create a refreshing look that will make a lasting impression.

But layering stripes or using multiple striped elements requires some thought. Repeating the same stripe pattern in a tie and pocket square isn’t as visually alluring as you may think. It can actually come off as boring.

Instead of the same striped pattern, mix it up. You need to consider three things when you wear stripes with other stripes.

First, the lines should go in different directions. Then, vary the size or colour of the stripes. Finally, make sure the distance between stripes is different.

You can wear a pinstripe suit with a striped tie. Just make sure the tie’s stripes are different sizes and go in different directions—like in the Smooth White Striped Blue Grenadine Tie.

The key to mixing stripes is subtlety. Choose understated stripes in classic colours to avoid looking “overdone.” You’ll achieve a noticeable look that’s not ostentatious but tasteful, timeless and sophisticated.

Layering stripes on stripes is next-level stuff. And we don’t doubt that you can do it. But if you’re looking for a lay-up, keep it simple with timeless accessories.

Striped Ties, Pocket Squares and Other Accessories

Looking good with stripes isn’t complicated. One of the best ways to add stripes is in small doses. One element can really bring your outfit to life.

The white linen suit you wear to a summer garden wedding comes to life if you put on the Gatsby-inspired White Striped Metallic Gold Six-Fold Silk Tie. A light-colour scarf can brighten up an otherwise dreary outdoor winter attire.

Using accessories is a great way to experiment to see what you like. Finding your own style through experimentation is part of the journey. Developing the nuances that make your style your own refines your style and helps you make lasting impressions.

These details show that you care. And it’s these details that make the difference and help you go from a rough gem to the most polished man in the room.

Add stripes to your outfit today. Take a swing. It doesn’t have to be big. Remember that even the small details can go a long way.

I hope we’ve inspired you and made you more confident to wear stripes. Read more ways to take the guesswork out of looking polished in our Journal.

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