Grey Suit with Green Tie: A Beautiful Pairing

Unleash the refined outfit you haven’t fallen in love with (yet). Wear a grey suit with a green tie for a sophisticated look that leaves the right impression. Not sure how to wear this pairing? Keep reading to look effortlessly polished in your grey suit and green tie.

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No, a grey suit with a green tie doesn't have the versatility as other suit and tie combinations. But that doesn't mean you can't rock this partnership for a polished look that's sure to turn some heads (for the right reasons, of course). With a few notes and the right pieces, you can make the grey suit and green tie pairing a sophisticated staple for your wardrobe.

Let's dive into the keys to wearing a grey suit with a green tie while we feast on outfit inspiration featuring your new favourite suit and tie team-up.

The Shades of Grey

MQLee wearing a grey suit with green tie

Grey and green work best when you have the right pieces in the right shades. Each element brings the best out of each other to create a refined outfit that makes you the most polished man in the room. That starts with the right shade of grey suit.

The darker the shade of grey, the more formal the suit. We suggest wearing a light to medium grey suit with a green tie. Don't hesitate to wear a textured grey suit like herringbone. A grey herringbone suit wonderfully frames a forest green tie perfect for a spring day in the office or at a garden party.

The Right Tie in the Right Shade of Green

MQLee wearing a grey suit with green tie

It's hard to go wrong with an understated forest green tie (go grenadine for that added texture and visual interest). Subtle shades of green like olive or sage work great too, but for a little extra pop, consider wearing an emerald green tie.

Just make sure it's not so bright it distracts from your whole outfit. Understated designs add a refined touch to any outfit. Aklasu's white-striped emerald green six-fold breaks up the emerald green with a tasteful striped design that ensures the tie won't overshadow your outfit.

The Ideal Dress Shirt Colour When You Wear a Grey Suit with Green Tie

MQLee wearing a grey suit with green tie

A crisp white shirt is elegant and timeless. But wearing a blue shirt with a light grey suit and green tie creates a pleasing contrast in your outfit. Green's warmer tone combines well with a cool blue shade. Go for the tasteful contrast using a light blue shirt.

Consider wearing a cutaway collar if you want a look with additional visual interest. The collar points finish farther apart, so others will see more of your exquisite green tie underneath the collar.

Assembling Your Outfit

Illustration of a grey suit with green tie, shoes and bag

Creating a timeless and sophisticated look using a grey suit with a green tie takes a subtle touch. Complement your green tie by wearing a light blue shirt, as we said earlier. But add a hint of contrast to your grey suit with a simple white pocket square in a TV fold to complete the look.

Think of your outfit as a whole, and don't allow one element to overpower the rest. That's a key component to creating timeless style every day.

These are just a few ways to wear a grey suit with a green tie. Keep reading and get inspired by more amazing outfits featuring your new favourite colour combination.

Separates: More Creative Ways to Green and Grey

Colin wearing a grey suit with green tie

The Italians have a word for the art of mixing one suit's jacket with the pants from another. Spezzato is a technique that can produce amazing outfits that bring potency and panache to your everyday attire.

Experiment with elements of your grey suit by mixing and matching them with other pieces from other suits. Your charcoal grey jacket combines well with your navy blue trousers and a blue dress shirt. Or you can pull together grey pants with a brown suit jacket for an earthy and refined look for the fall.

Bring the outfit together with a green tie, and you raise the bar for business casual outfits in your office.

A grey suit with a green tie isn't the most versatile colour combination, but that's part of what makes it so striking when you make it look so effortless.

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