4 of James Bond’s Outfits to Inspire Your Office Attire

From the classic tuxedo to sleek tailored suits, discover the timeless style and sophistication that the legendary spy brings to his wardrobe. Elevate your professional look and make a lasting impression with these Bond-inspired fashion choices.
Image CreditYou Only Live Twice

We know it when we see it. It's a timeless and sophisticated look that's served 007 from Connery to Brosnan to Craig. The immaculately tailored tuxedo and batwing bowtie has inspired men for decades. Who doesn't wish they could dress like James Bond? It's too bad we can't show up to work looking like we're about to hit a baccarat table in Monte Carlo. Lucky for us Bond's other outfits offer as much inspiration.

This article looks at 007's outfits that can inspire your office attire this week and beyond. We'll show you how Bond's timeless outfits can serve you even if you're not heading for a showdown with Spectre.

007's Take on the Classic Grey Suit

We're coming in volcano hot with our first outfit. Sean Connery's grey herringbone suit from You Only Live Twice has a lot of elements that we absolutely adore.

The grey herringbone weave gives the grey suit dimension and visual interest. Grey suits may be common in your office, but this suit's texture provides a subtle variation to the suits your colleagues wear.

The fit on the suit is close, as was the style in the 1960s. The spread collar on the Turnbull & Asser shirt gives space to an immaculate navy grenadine tie which complements the grey suit perfectly.

You Only Live Twice
The World is Not Enough

An Outfit for Warm Days and Torture Chairs

Bond wears another herringbone suit in The World is Not Enough. Pierce Brosnan's herringbone linen suit stands out as a great outfit you can wear during warmer months. Linen's a breathable fabric that keeps you cool—unless you're strapped to a torture chair (or within arm's length of Sophie Marceau).

The cream Brioni suit complements Brosnan's skin tone, and the French blue shirt creates a contrast that gives the outfit depth.

Bond opts for a three-button suit here, but you may be better off with a two-button construction, depending on your build. The three-button suit can give taller men a more balanced look. However, a two-button suit with a deeper V shape complements more body types.

How Bond Wears Separates

At first glance, it looks like Daniel Craig's Bond arrives in Morocco wearing a full tan suit in Spectre. But if you look closer, he's actually wearing trousers and blazer separates.

It's an outfit that combines form and function. The light brown jacket is unstructured, making it lightweight and comfortable for the Morrocan climate. The khaki trousers' smooth texture, flat front, and narrow straight legs give Bond a clean silhouette that's also ready for the long journey to take on Blofeld.

Bond complements the blazer and trousers with a crisp white shirt and a rust-brown silk tie resembling Aklasu's burnt orange grenadine tie.

Altogether it's a knockout of an outfit you can try in the summer or spring or the next time you're being hosted by a megalomaniac.

You Only Live Twice

Connery Offers a Lesson in Wearing Tonal Blue

You Only Live Twice gives us so many outfit inspirations we had to go back for more. After all, it features Connery's most minimalist suits during his run as 007.

Connery's single-button dark blue suit is one of his most stylish. Although it's considered less formal than two and three-button suits, you can still wear the one-button suit in a dark blue jacket to the office. It's stylish, easy to wear, and gives a subtle alternative to more common suit jackets.

The outfit creates a tonal blue look pairing the suit with a light blue shirt and a navy silk tie in a four-in-hand knot. The blue-on-blue look works well because Connery keeps it simple. The three shades of blue complement each other without overwhelming his overall aesthetic.

Bond offers up a lot of outfit inspiration in all of his films. You can learn a lot, even from Roger Moore's Bond of the 70s and 80s with his wide lapels and flared trousers which were in fashion.

The fit was always immaculate, and the pieces fit together. Not one element overshadowed Bond as a whole. He was always the star—as it should be.

Keep that in mind when you assemble your outfits. You're the star. Not your suit, shirt, shoes, or tie. Take a step back and make sure the elements fit together. That's how you look sharp, whether you're delivering a killer presentation or disposing of an outmatched henchman.

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