How to Get the Most Out of Your Wedding Suit

Make your wedding suit shine with our expert tips on getting the most out of this special attire. From choosing the perfect fit and style to incorporating personal touches, we'll guide you through the process of maximizing your wedding suit's impact.

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For us at Aklasu, the word “style” is not simply a matter of aesthetics, but a credo that we apply to the fabric of our everyday lives. Each milestone that we reach in our journey of life is guided and embellished by the “Pillars of Style” that we hold in high esteem. The milestone of marriage is no exception to this.

For many men, marriage is included in the highlight reel of moments that they hold dear throughout their lives. But what about the attire that they wear on that special day? In this article we’ll be advising you on how you can use our “Pillars of Style” to make your groom attire endure as long as your marriage itself.

Establishing the Dress Code

The best thing about your wedding is that it’s yours. You (and your significant other) are the masters of your destinies in terms of the dress codes and overall aesthetics of the event.

At the very least, we recommend establishing an appropriate dress code that complements the aesthetics of the venue and the mood of your wedding. An outdoor destination wedding on a warm Hawaiian day will certainly command a different aesthetic (light coloured suits, fabrics such as seersucker and linen) than an evening wedding at a swanky venue in London, England (think dark colours and tailored tuxedos), for example. This will allow you to look the best on your special day.

Quality is Key

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Most people only have one wedding day. Even if you have multiple in your life, you’re definitely going to want to ensure you’re purchasing and wearing attire that is built to stand the test of time. Every suit worth its salt has traits that are hallmarks of its superior quality. These traits are:

  • Fabric
  • Lining
  • Stitching
  • Detailing


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It may seem fairly obvious, but the quality of the suit’s fabric is typically a primary indicator of its quality. Steer clear of any suit made with polyester (yes, even if it’s blended). Stick to suits made of 100% wool, and if you’re looking for even more mileage out of your wedding suit, try to seek out suits that use wool that is rated at Super 150 – 180+, which is a rating system that denotes the rarity of the wool fibres.



Many men are unaware of how important lining quality is to the overall quality of a good suit. Fused linings are a no-go, as they contain glue that can greatly reduce the longevity of your suit. Most quality suits will feature a half-canvas or full-canvas lining, which is what you should be looking for when selecting your wedding suit. Canvassed options are more expensive, but they will be worth it in the long run.


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The stitching is what holds the suit (and your look) together. The quality of the material used in the stitching of your suit should be considered, but also the technique that is used to stitch the suit together should be as well. Fully hand stitched or half hand stitched suits will last much longer than machine stitched suits, as they accentuate the curvatures of your body, providing less strain on the garment.



Of all the items considered on this list, detailing is perhaps the one that garners the most attention. The detailing of a high-quality suit cannot be underestimated. Small details like pattern matching, handmade buttonholes, and the quality of the buttons themselves are all intricate details of high-quality suits.

Be Smart About Style

Drawing from our Pillars of Style, we recommend sticking to timeless and elegant styling when selecting the suit for your wedding. Statement pieces and unorthodox colours can add a certain flair to your overall look, but they ensure that you will not get a lot of mileage out of your suit. Some aspects of style to consider for your wedding suit are:

  • Fit
  • Colour
  • Pattern
  • Simplicity



If you want timeless styling, you need to avoid fits that are overtly trendy. There’s a reason that the boxy suits of the 2000s and the pinching suits of the 2010s are constant targets for ridicule. Proper fit complements your body frame, and will never pinch or loosely drape. It should allow your body to move freely, while providing a gentle taper.


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As we said previously, some individuals like making statement at their weddings. While bright or richly coloured suits can certainly be eye-catching, they are typically not emblematic of timeless style. If you’re looking to own a wedding suit that you can wear for decades, we recommend sticking to timeless colours that will never be out of style. Black, navy or medium blue, and grey are all reliable colours of men’s apparel that we’re sure will outlast anyone reading this article. If you are dead set on wearing something more colourful, opt for accessories that can add a pop of colour to your suit on your wedding day. Items like our Burgundy Grenadine Tie or Forest Green Grenadine are a sensible way of adding colour to your wedding look without limiting the longevity of your suit’s style.



A crucial element of style, patterns are another wonderful way in which you can introduce some additional interest into your wedding attire. In regards to patterns, our philosophy does not change when weddings are included in the conversation. We think that patterns should add a subtle flair to your look, and not distract from the rest of your outfit. A subtle pattern will also remain in style for decades to come, as opposed to an ostentatious one.



The most forceful statement is understatement. With this in mind, we firmly believe that simplicity is one of the keys to timeless wedding attire that will always remain in style. Avoid complex patterns, complex styles, and superfluous details. Stick to the basics, and your wedding suit will go far.

When it comes to accessories in general, it is important to recognize that your tie is itself an accessory. With that in mind, avoid accessorizing your accessories. Avoid tie bars and tie clips. Second, limit the flair. Our general rule is to keep it to no more than two accessories around your chest. Weddings may present pressure to up your accessory count especially when a boutonniere is expected. It’s our recommendation that pocket squares are avoided in these situations as these are more ornamental (accessory) than functional.

We hope we’ve given you the tools today to get the most usage out of your wedding suit. Your wedding suit should embody the philosophies you value in life, today, and in the decades to come. These tips will allow you to not only look good on your wedding day, but for the rest of your days.