Without a Doubt: The Best Material for a Tie

The best ties are made with the best materials. And you deserve the best. End your search for the best material for a tie. Refine your style and look your best (in only the best).
Image CreditAklasu Dark Blue Floral Grenadine Tie

Confidence and effortless elegance exude from a man in a tie. It adds polish and refinement to your suit—as long as you have the right tie. But what makes a tie fit to elevate your style? The pattern is one, but the tie material is at the top of the list. So, what makes the best material for a tie?

We won't make you wait long, but after the big reveal, we'll mention other materials you'll run into on your adventure to be the most polished man in the room.

Let's get to it!

The Best Material for a Tie: Silk

Silk ties have the durability to last decades (as long as you care for them properly). It has a soft appearance despite its high tensile strength. They also retain their shape well, making them resistant to wrinkles. Silk drapes well, too. It's these characteristics that make silk the best material for ties.

Most of the ties you see with varying patterns and designs are made of printed silk. There are also ancient madder silk ties which produce rich colours and a distinct chalky dry texture.

Jacquard silk ties offer a rich texture where the design is woven into the silk. Then, of course, there are luxurious satin silk ties that make a bold statement for your evening events.

You'll also find wool and silk blend ties like our "Intro" Navy and Steel Blue Block Striped Grenadine Tie. There's no shortage of tie materials!

However, if you're looking for one-of-a-kind, take aim at Shantung silk. Its distinctive ridges, called "slubs," create a wonderfully irregular but subtle texture that makes no two ties alike.

Take a closer look at Aklasu's Navy Blue and Burgundy Block Striped Shantung Tie, and get your hands on your very own work of art.

We've told you about the best. But among the best, there is a best. For us, that's grenadine silk.

The Best of the Best: Grenadine Weave

A silk grenadine tie is the best of the best, thanks to its versatility. It makes for a sharp accessory built for climbing the corporate ladder. Still, it's warm and welcoming enough for a wedding reception. It's what makes it the best material for a tie, but that's not all.

They're produced in solid and subdued colours, which draw the eyes to their unique texture. A grenadine tie’s subtle texture and elegant simplicity pair well with various suit colours and shirt patterns.

There are two main types of grenadines: garza grossa and garza fina. Garza grossa is a loose weave, while garza fina is much finer.

In addition to versatility and texture, there's prestige to owning a grenadine silk tie. Only two mills in the world produce grenadine (in century-old looms, no less). Artisans in Como, Italy, produce the beautiful three-dimensional textured weave, making grenadine ties an ideal piece in the modern man's arsenal.

Now that you know about the best—and the best of the best, we can talk about the other tie fabrics you should know about.

The Rest: Polyester, Cotton, Linen, and Wool Ties

We've talked about the best. Now, let's get to the rest. Polyester is one of the most common fabrics you'll see when you shop. Synthetic fabric is less expensive but doesn't last as long as a natural fibre like silk. Polyester ties also lack the depth and richness of silk.

Cotton and linen are other tie fabrics you'll bump into. They're popular summer ties, often coming in light and pastel colours. They're sturdier than polyester but wrinkle easily, so watch out. Check to make sure they're appropriately lined.

From lighter fabrics, we move to the heavier wool. You'll get texture and depth when you opt for a wool tie. They add great character to textured tweed suits, but they lack versatility. A wool tie feels out of place in a formal business office.

Consider a Midnight Blue Grossa Grenadine Tie if you want the bold texture. The loose weave, coupled with grenadine silk's durability, drape and versatility, make it a refined choice for effortless polish for years to come.

A tie stands as an iconic accessory in men's fashion. Find the best material for a tie and show the world your sophisticated taste and attention to detail.

Are you ready to show them what you're made of? Get yourself a silk grenadine tie and always radiate refinement.

The best materials make you look your best.