Set for Life: Essential Ties for the Modern Gentleman

The modern gentleman should never get caught looking like a rough gem. They all need a set of essential ties to navigate life's events. We've assembled our Set for Life Collection to bring sophistication and refinement to every occasion and day at the office.
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A tie serves as more than an ornament for the modern gentleman. It's a piece that ties together (excuse the pun) your whole outfit. All together, the suit and tie create a powerful statement that conveys refinement, personality, and attention to detail. But with the endless array of fabrics, patterns and styles, how do you know which ties deserve a spot in your style arsenal?

To answer this question once and for all, we've put together the three essential ties that set you for life. Whether you're climbing the corporate ladder, attending a wedding, or creating a casual but polished look, these ties will unlock timeless style—and make it look effortless.

Get Set for Life

A Navy Blue Grenadine Tie for Ultimate Versatility

Each essential tie in our Set for Life Collection uses the one-of-a-kind material and eye-catching texture of grenadine silk. Manufactured in the two premier mills in Italy, the silk from Fermo Fossati and Bianchi gives our ties depth, dimension and unrivalled visual interest.

Make the Navy Grenadine's luxurious texture a piece to complement all occasions. Pair it with your navy blue suit and a light blue dress shirt for a striking monochromatic look that leaves the right impression. Or create eye-catching contrast with a light grey suit and radiate effortless refinement.

When you'll love wearing the Navy Grenadine Tie:

  • Look sharp on graduation day and set the tone for timeless style for the adventure ahead.
  • Make a killer first impression and nail that job interview.
  • Attend weddings (including yours) in style, and make it a day to remember.

Rich and Refined: Meet the Burgundy Grenadine Tie

Refined designs form a cornerstone of Aklasu's essential ties. It's why we create ties that transcend trends and deliver lifelong value. For its timeless quality and rich colour, the Burgundy Grenadine Tie is the second piece in our Set for Life Collection.

It's one of our favourite shades because it complements most men, whether you're fair or dark-skinned or have blonde or dark hair. Spice up your wardrobe and pair it with a navy blue suit for confidence that makes others take notice.

When you'll love wearing the Burgundy Grenadine Tie:

  • Show you're bringing your A-game when meeting new clients.
  • Celebrate anniversaries in style and show your partner you still got it.
  • Make that holiday party one to remember.

Make Magic in a Black Grenadine Tie

Superior materials and refined designs are the tip of the iceberg. Skilled artisans hand-stitch the essential ties in our Set for Life Collection. They use meticulous craftsmanship that's been perfected over generations. You'll see and feel it in our ties, including the Black Grenadine Tie.

Use the Black Grenadine's effortless elegance to elevate outfits for all your events (not just sombre occasions). Pair it with a light brown suit for a modern and magnetic outfit that turns heads. You can also wear the black grenadine with a charcoal grey suit to create a smooth, monochromatic outfit.

When you'll love wearing the Black Grenadine Tie:

  • Look the part for a night out at the opera or theatre.
  • Make an effort and pay your respects on sombre occasions.
  • Your officemates will do a double-take when you walk into the meeting room for that big presentation.

The barrage of tie options makes even the most stylish men twist and turn. But knowing the ties essential to your wardrobe makes mixing, matching, and looking magnificent in a tie effortless.

Never look back and regret how you looked in your suit and tie. Check out our Set for Life Collection and enjoy polished outfits for years to come.

Get Set for Life