Always Bet on Black: Pairing a Black Tie

Black ties aren't just for sombre occasions. You'll never want to leave home without it once you see how pairing a black tie elevates your style and exudes confidence wherever you go.
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There's no denying that black radiates elegance and sophistication. It rarely fails to make a lasting impression. While a black tie dress code epitomizes suave sophistication with its black tux and black silk bow tie, we want to show you the sleek pairings with a black necktie.

A black tie isn't just for funerals and the opera. Artful combinations and attention to detail will make you want to bet on black when putting together an outfit for the office, date night with someone special, or a formal gala. Let's showcase your impeccable taste and master pairing a black tie with unparalleled sophistication.

The Black Grenadine Tie Paves the Way for Refined Style

When putting together an outfit with a black tie, you want to nail the tie. You can take many directions, but one route you can take gets you where you want to go. A black grenadine's one-of-a-kind texture adds depth and visual interest to your outfit.

We hope you don't mind people staring because a black grenadine tie's alluring weave makes others do a double take. Aklasu's Black Grenadine Tie has a fine garza fina weave that's tight and resilient. It won't snag easily, so you can enjoy it for decades.

Part of the grenadine's magic is in its versatility. It's warm and welcoming enough for client meetings while bringing sharp sophistication to a formal wedding.

With the right tie, you have to find the right shirt. And there's only one colour dress shirt you should reach for to achieve a sleek and stylish look in your black tie.

We Won't Overthink It, But We Will Elevate It

Why overcomplicate it when you can make it effortless? Pair your black grenadine tie with a crisp, high-quality white dress shirt and assemble a smashing outfit. Don't fall into the trap of thinking a white shirt is too simple. Here are details you'll take care of to make it more than a white shirt:

Cutaway Collar - Make a statement in a cutaway collar shirt that's a modern and bold choice from an everyday spread collar. Plus, the extreme angle on the cutaway gives your tie the space to peek under your collar.

Mother of Pearl Buttons - Plastic buttons are standard. But a sophisticated black tie deserves better than standard. Mother of Pearl buttons add depth, richness and another element of refinement.

French Cuffs - With French cuffs, you'll require cufflinks. Silver cufflinks add an eye-catching element to your outfit. And adding them doesn't violate our rule of no more than two accessories.

Discover more ways to elevate your style with our Dress Shirt Guide for the Modern Professional.

We haven't even gotten to the best part about pairing your black tie with a white shirt: combining it with different suit colours is easy. Look at the suits you can combine with a black tie.

Black on Black: Monochromatic Magic

Drape yourself in an immaculate charcoal suit and a sleek black tie to radiate timeless sophistication for formal events. Nail the details like fit and high-quality materials to conjure up monochromatic magic, confidence and refinement.

The Best Kind of Black and Blue

Consider a navy blue suit and black tie combination for an outfit that works from the ballroom to the boardroom. Command attention in every room you enter by embodying the essence of effortless style.

Modern and Magnetic in Brown and Black

Don't mix brown and black. It's style advice we've all heard. But we think it requires an update. Pair a black tie with a brown suit and create a magnetic outfit that turns heads from the streets of New York to the plazas in Milan.

A Black Tie Pairing that's Classic for a Reason

Blend classic essentials into a sleek contemporary package. Exude a quiet confidence in a light to medium grey suit with a black tie. Use the clean lines of an immaculately tailored grey suit for a contemporary look. Pair it with a black tie to balance classic charm and modern style.

What are you waiting for? You have places to go and people to wow. Just do us a favour? Send them our way when they ask about your elegant outfit.

Don’t stop now. Keep making killer combinations by downloading our free Tie Pairing Guide.

Make magic in refined essentials.