Pairing a Purple Tie to Create a Timeless Hit

Kiss the sky and elevate your style by reading our tips on pairing a purple tie. Put a spell on everyone you meet with your timeless style. Look picture-perfect in an alluring purple tie.
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A well-chosen accessory leaves the right impression—especially if it's a captivating purple tie. But if you think "a purple tie is too ostentatious." Or "Who am I? The Joker?" You're missing out on a regal (and timeless) accessory that refines your outfit.

We can't blame you. Pairing a purple tie isn't like playing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star on the piano. But with the right elements, a purple tie will be part of a polished outfit that turns into a classic tune you'll return to time and again.

Let's look at tips for pairing a purple tie to create picture-perfect outfits. (Try to say that three times fast.)

There's No Haze in a Purple Grenadine Tie

Partner purple with the grenadine weave, and you've got a luxurious duo. Grenadine ties may resemble knit ties—but they're so much more. The weft and warp twist around each other to produce a rich texture packed with visual interest.

Fall in love with the unique texture, but dig deeper when picking out your purple grenadine tie. Your tie should last decades. Look for craftsmanship and high-quality materials and you’ll enjoy your tie as you climb the corporate ladder.

Wear your tie in an asymmetrical Four-in-Hand Knot that creates a charming dimple, and you've got one element of a dynamite outfit. With your tie sorted, let's get the next piece in order: the suit.

Look Photogenic in a Purple Tie and Grey Suit

Royalty and luxury come to mind when you think of purple (and maybe Jimi Hendrix). But you need the right suit to pair with your purple tie to unleash lasting impressions. You'll hear any suit colour will do. But that doesn't make things easy on you.

The purple tie can hold its own with a bolder-coloured suit like green or burgundy, but you risk looking like a cartoon character. We suggest staying with tried and true suit colours like navy or grey.

Look at John David Washington's grey three-piece suit and purple tie in Tenet. The purple stands out, but it doesn't steal the show. You see the outfit as a whole and not just one element. Follow that advice with a suit tailored to your unique frame, and you'll have an outfit that blows their minds.

Pairing a Purple Tie with the Perfect Shirt

Tie: check. Suit: check. Shirt: let's get to it. Pairing a purple tie with the right shirt can be effortless. Make it crisp, keep it white, and you've got a killer combination for a navy or grey suit.

A white shirt is layup. But if you want to elevate your look, consider a cutaway collar. The sweeping collar points that cut up and away give you a contemporary look that complements a purple tie. It also exposes more of the tie under your collar, offering another peek at your outfit's alluring element.

If you look in the mirror and find the purple tie hogging the spotlight, try muting it with a light blue or patterned shirt. Pairing a purple tie isn't an exact science. Start from a solid foundation and remix from there according to your taste.


The Devil's in the Details

Collar style is a detail we often overlook. But it's one element that can make you the most polished man in the room. So, what's another detail you can exploit to elevate your style above others?

  • Fit is a detail that should always be on your mind. The right length on your sleeves and the proper hem on your trousers make the difference between rough and refined.
  • Wearing synthetic materials makes you look fresh out of college. Natural materials like wool, silk and cotton create rich and visually arresting outfits that make you look like you know what you're doing (because you do).
  • Subtle designs radiate a quiet confidence. Avoiding the ostentatious helps create a timeless aesthetic that rises above the changing trends and one-hit wonders.


After all, you're no one-hit wonder. You're a timeless classic that makes others nod in appreciation when you enter a room.

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Play the hits in refined essentials.